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Re: Questions: a (sort of) review of Halo 4
Posted By: General Vagueness <>Date: 1/10/13 2:08 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Questions: a (sort of) review of Halo 4 (Avateur)

: We talking about the Spartan IV stuff and multiplayer? I'm sure a ton of
: people love it. Even with the final launched product, I think they're just
: about all ugly and god awful. My multiplayer Spartan is almost entirely
: Mark VI and Recon helmet because everything else is terrible.

I think a lot of it looks OK, but not that good, and not much better than the rest of the stuff-- pre-release my outlook was really low because they were mainly showing off the helmets, which I still think mostly suck.

: And the rest of the UI, am I right?


: SDTVs? What about so many things in the game itself? Though honestly, did
: they even try to test the killcam at all, or did they just work something
: up and throw it in?

I keep seeing comments about this and I don't get it, what's wrong with it?

: Because Halsey was never designed to be a plot point at all in this game. The
: tone and theme they set for this entire game was with and about Halsey,
: with them going on and on about her all game, but she was never even
: really intended to be in the game or actually relevant to the story.
: Terrible writing and execution of the plot, made worse by your point about
: the logs.

maybe, maybe not; this is one of the questions I'd honestly really like to know the answer to

: The music isn't that bad, with parts being overly generic. Its inclusion
: in-game seems almost randomly stuck in at certain parts and seems to lack
: an emotional feel and presence. In this regard I'd say it was almost
: unmemorable and I can't say that any particular segment or bit of music or
: situation comes to mind that was made greater from it. Honestly, I'm
: having a tough time even thinking of anywhere where the music stands out.

To me, most of it isn't bad... but only about two pieces are good, and none of them are even close to being great, where most of the music in Halo up to now has been very good or great.

: Are they allowed to? I assume so, but does Marty or Bungie have something on
: that? And if they are, maybe they wanted to really distance themselves
: from it and set their own tone and theme.

They used them in Halo: Legends and of course Halo Anniversary so I'm sure they're allowed to. As for your other reasons, they all suck.

: Movement speed should be higher.

What do you mean?

: Great question. My old sad 20GB HDD had to have Reach's maps deleted for H4's
: subpar maps. When you have a second disc, just use it to play the
: multiplayer and things from. But oh well. We'll have a new Xbox console
: coming out soon anyway, and Destiny still awaits!

That's small consolation until then.

: A lot of games are doing away with it. :(

I know, and I get wanting to save paper, save trees, and save money, but they could've given us a better official substitute. I looked at the "Halo 4 intel" section on Waypoint a good amount over the last few weeks and it seems to have most or all of the same information, either copied verbatim or rephrased, but arranged and presented more sensically (I like how some of it is phrased in a way you'd expect from a manual but not from an on-line overview), and it's there on the first screen (on the 360 version), so that's pretty good, but it doesn't seem to stand out as much on the web version and I don't remember seeing anything that's actually pointed me to it.

: Because they make it impossible to get ammo by any other means in every
: single form of the game, including multiplayer. Thank goodness for small
: favors like random weapon racks.

I think they could've done something different, something more clever.

: I think it's there to troll you. If someone has you one shot and throws that
: thing off, they may get a lucky kill out of it. Or you end up with it and
: it does nothing to assist you. Good times.

I'd honestly like to know what the reasoning was, how the idea developed, stuff like that, because like I said it's interesting and it can be entertaining, it's just not that useful, which is a relatively common problem in video games and real life.

: Fun fact. I've been waiting for two friends in particular who I know in
: person to beat this game because they don't read the books or HBO, but
: they really enjoyed the previous Halo game stories. And they needed me to
: explain so much of what happened in this game. They have no idea what
: happened or why they should care about the human characters or even the
: enemy of the game aside from Chief and Cortana.

that is "fun"

: I've been trying to figure that out myself. Even Firefight had a certain
: amount of lives. Admittedly, though, some missions on Legendary get
: totally ridiculous and it's nice being able to hop right back into the
: epic battles against a boatload of Hunters and Fuel Rod Dinos.

At first I thought "well this won't have any challenge because I can respawn as many times as I need etc. etc." Then I thought they might actually have something when I got a little way along on Legendary, because it was like throwing myself at a brick wall. That was around the same time I thought I might as well try to get through without dying (partly because I thought there was an achievement for doing that at least once, but apparently not), and without more ammo, new weapons, different equipment, etc. it can be tough depending on the level and what you picked to start off with, and sometimes there's no ready method of suicide and I'm not the type to purposely get killed. I also remembered there were situations in some of the previous games where you could hit a group of enemies really hard but not kill them, and they'd then kill you-- all the DMR ammo in the world doesn't do me any good if I can't take that Elite's shields down before he kills me, and even if I can just respawn, it doesn't matter if his shields are back by then, and it seemed like this was happening sometimes. That was about when I noticed most of the levels have weapon crates everywhere, and the little infinite ammo boxes, and soon I realized that the UNSC weapon crates also gave you infinite ammo for most UNSC weapons most of the time. Making use of the infinite ammo and new weapons, along with using grenades more, because I realized I had a basically infinite supply of those too, and some small changes in tactics, I got through stuff pretty easily, and I found out most enemy shields aren't quite as strong and don't come back quite as fast as I thought, so I could more often just hammer one enemy until it dies, get killed, and repeat until they're all gone.

: I think Bungie sold Superintendent to Microsoft. I don't see it here anymore,
: either:

I noticed that, I think at least a year ago, but neither of them has said anything about it as far as I can tell.

: Poor writing/storytelling, again. I don't think they're actively trying to
: confuse anyone, but they're sure not trying to help anyone with the
: in-game story.

To me it makes it sound like something by Squirrelking-- "We have to kill all the Covenants in the Covenant or els the Forunners will kill us frist! and then Earth!"

: SHHHH! Don't point that out, or any of the other numerous things that were
: said pre-launch that totally never happened (not just technical or
: graphical or resource intensive things, either).

hmm, that's the only one I remember

: This is going to sound sarcastic, but it's not. He isn't the happy Didact,
: he's the angry one. There are two. And the H3 Terminals are about the
: happy one.

I know about the two Didacts, but I thought it was safe to assume that at least the Didact in each of the Halo 4 terminals was the same person, and that that was the same person we see in Halo 4 proper. It seems like somewhere around terminal 6 he just... IDK, changes. I think he might have Composed himself and then put himself back into a re-created organic body, and given what the Librarian says that could easily mess with his head, but I don't know, I'm just going on visuals, no one actually says anything about it, let alone says that's why he's all vengeance-y.

: Biggest personal disappointment I had of the entire campaign. Didn't bring it
: up in my review because maybe, just maybe, that will tie into H5 or H6
: when they try and pull Cortana back from the grave. Not really holding my
: breath anymore, though.


: We did? Was that beam even powerful enough to take out the whole planet? Or
: would it have just kept blasting the same city unless Didact moved the
: ship in a rotational pattern around the planet, hopefully hitting all
: life-filled areas in the process? Does it spread? How much of humanity's
: population is even left on Earth itself? Too many questions, no answers,
: and no real reason to care about the consequences. But sure, yeah, we
: saved it. :P

I was phrasing that as "this is what happens?", it's just that it's a video game, and an FPS at that; if I was asking if it happened I would've said "Did we save Earth?"

: Thank you for this last bit, since I know if I don't qualify everything I
: said above as "in my opinion" it might lead to some confusion.

I'm not sure what that last part has to do with this (opinion vs. fact), but you're welcome I guess.

You cannot fall off the floor.

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