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Re: Questions: a (sort of) review of Halo 4
Posted By: Avateur <>Date: 1/9/13 10:12 p.m.

In Response To: Questions: a (sort of) review of Halo 4 (General Vagueness)

: - related question: Why was the plasma rifle not good enough to come back?

Sarcastic statement 1: Because they made 50 other weapons and had to find a way to fit them all.
Sarcastic statement 2: Because the Boltshot is the only gun you need in the game to win (technically is this statement actually sarcastic?).

: - Why is the ability to zoom in as a monitor (like you can as a Spartan, not
: the "zoom" associated with an object being placed) not in Forge
: any more?

That was literally the very first thing I noticed about Forge when I went in with pete. I don't Forge often, but when I do I use that A LOT. Turned me off to Forge even more, considering everything else I've been told about it and seen it do (or should I say, not do).

: - What's the point of the Storm rifle?

To rain down death upon the masses? Just kidding. To hardly be used by anyone, obviously.

: - What's the point of Capt. Del Rio, besides being a pathetically obvious
: (and just pathetic) obstacle for the Chief (and Cortana) to overcome?

A way to show poor writing and storytelling at the same time. In a few of my posts I've bashed on Rio and how they should have just had him jumping up and down in anger shouting, "NO LISTEN TO ME NO I AM IN CHARGE STOP IT NO I HATE YOU AND AM ANGRY DO NOT DEFY ME" with comedic noises in the background, because he can't be taken seriously as a character and serves as no real obstacle to the Chief. They clearly want you to dislike this man, but they fail miserably because he becomes laughable and was never really a challenge to overcome. Hell, he's so easy to overcome that by the time you see the Infinity again just a few short levels later, he's been replaced! Cody made this awesome scenario for him in reply to my review that would have made him and the entire situation far more compelling, but alas, we'll never get to experience it.

: follow-up question, why does he act like he a) doesn't like the Chief at
: all and b) doesn't understand that taking him into custody isn't going to
: happen without some serious speed, strength, and possibly firepower? Is he
: that stupid?

See above, in particular the first sentence about writing/storytelling and the part after about not being a believable character.

: - Who thought the new Spartan armor looked good, especially the helmets?

We talking about the Spartan IV stuff and multiplayer? I'm sure a ton of people love it. Even with the final launched product, I think they're just about all ugly and god awful. My multiplayer Spartan is almost entirely Mark VI and Recon helmet because everything else is terrible.

: - What's with the fonts?

And the rest of the UI, am I right?

: - related question: Did 343i do any testing with analog or SD TVs at all?

SDTVs? What about so many things in the game itself? Though honestly, did they even try to test the killcam at all, or did they just work something up and throw it in?

: - Why don't the Chief or Cortana say anything when the player finds logs from
: Halsey?

Because Halsey was never designed to be a plot point at all in this game. The tone and theme they set for this entire game was with and about Halsey, with them going on and on about her all game, but she was never even really intended to be in the game or actually relevant to the story. Terrible writing and execution of the plot, made worse by your point about the logs.

: - Why have we not seen a single ODST in campaign or Spartan Ops?

Maybe they got replaced by Spartan IVs? Or maybe they'll drop in during the second half of Spartan Ops?

: - Who thought the sound design, and in particular the music, was good? Is it
: really just what's-his-face Brit guy (Neal something) and what's-his-face
: Japanese guy (something Sotaro?) that looked this over? Would it really
: have been impossible to just hire Total Audio to do the sound for the
: game? If not, why didn't 343i do it?

The music isn't that bad, with parts being overly generic. Its inclusion in-game seems almost randomly stuck in at certain parts and seems to lack an emotional feel and presence. In this regard I'd say it was almost unmemorable and I can't say that any particular segment or bit of music or situation comes to mind that was made greater from it. Honestly, I'm having a tough time even thinking of anywhere where the music stands out.

And the sound design itself is terrible. The DMR is about the best sounding weapon in the game. I'd love to know why the Plasma Pistol sounds like a human weapon, and I'd love to know why the rocket launcher has lost its kick/feel through audio when fired. Also, the Warthog sounds awful.

: - There still could've been some classic Halo songs in there, but they seem
: to be missing, why not use such an awesome resource?

Are they allowed to? I assume so, but does Marty or Bungie have something on that? And if they are, maybe they wanted to really distance themselves from it and set their own tone and theme.

: - Does Halo 4 have a higher default movement speed, or is it your character's
: height, or is it the way maps are laid out, or is it just me?

Movement speed should be higher.

: - Why is this a console game if I have to install stuff? follow-up question,
: why is there a second disk that has no uses except being installed and
: being used as a coaster?

Great question. My old sad 20GB HDD had to have Reach's maps deleted for H4's subpar maps. When you have a second disc, just use it to play the multiplayer and things from. But oh well. We'll have a new Xbox console coming out soon anyway, and Destiny still awaits!

: - Where's my manual? you'd better not point me to that interactive guide
: thing, it's so slow, gimmicky, unintuitive, and just awful it's kind of
: not even funny... I love the environment and plants and trees probably
: more than the next guy, but what we got could've at least been better

A lot of games are doing away with it. :(

: - Who knew clicking the left stick to sprint would work so well?

Say what? You're not using Recon layout? You messed up! :P

: - Why are there Forerunner weapon racks all over Requiem (besides gameplay
: reasons)?

Because they make it impossible to get ammo by any other means in every single form of the game, including multiplayer. Thank goodness for small favors like random weapon racks.

: - Who thought the HUD was good? I saw a comparison here on the forum a little
: while back and it did improve from what we saw at E3 last year, but why
: stop there? Why not eliminate the pointless lines, the illegible text, and
: the blocked-off areas?

Why do that when you can fill your HUD and all of the multiplayer maps with clutter to show off all your awesome graphics and design abilities instead of making things fluid and easy to navigate (talking about the HUD, UI, and maps when referring to navigation).

: - The pulse grenade is interesting and fun to mess with sometimes, but it's
: not that useful overall... why is that, and why did it make the cut to be
: in the game?

I think it's there to troll you. If someone has you one shot and throws that thing off, they may get a lucky kill out of it. Or you end up with it and it does nothing to assist you. Good times.

: - How is someone that hasn't been reading the books or HBO supposed to
: understand around a third of what's going on?

Fun fact. I've been waiting for two friends in particular who I know in person to beat this game because they don't read the books or HBO, but they really enjoyed the previous Halo game stories. And they needed me to explain so much of what happened in this game. They have no idea what happened or why they should care about the human characters or even the enemy of the game aside from Chief and Cortana. I don't need to rehash my review, but it gets pretty indepth on the story's shortcomings from writing, execution, character development, and plot points. I even dice up the three acts in comparison to H1's three acts in a reply to Cody. It's good times, you should check it out.

: - Why does Spartan Ops have zero challenge the vast majority of the time? you
: just keep respawning with more ammo, and you can pick which weapons and
: equipment you want, and even if you don't go that route there's free ammo
: and weapons and grenades all over most of the levels, it even shows you
: where to get stuff

I've been trying to figure that out myself. Even Firefight had a certain amount of lives. Admittedly, though, some missions on Legendary get totally ridiculous and it's nice being able to hop right back into the epic battles against a boatload of Hunters and Fuel Rod Dinos.

: - If it's going to have something that looks just like the Marathon symbol,
: why not just use it the way it was? I find it hard to believe even
: Microsoft could get away with such blatant trademark infringement unless
: there's something else going on here... speaking of which, what's the
: legal status of the Superintendent graphic things?

I think Bungie sold Superintendent to Microsoft. I don't see it here anymore, either:

: - Where's my campaign and Spartan Ops theater/saved film capability?

Nowhere. Tada!

: - Why are the alien bad guys never called the Storm, and why are they called
: the Covenant, after 343i went and actually gave us information about them
: before the game came out? Why does the Chief say we had a truce with the
: Covenant when it was with the Elites? Are they trying to confuse people?

Poor writing/storytelling, again. I don't think they're actively trying to confuse anyone, but they're sure not trying to help anyone with the in-game story.

: - What ever happened to there being a fictional, in-game reason the
: Chief's armor is different ?

SHHHH! Don't point that out, or any of the other numerous things that were said pre-launch that totally never happened (not just technical or graphical or resource intensive things, either).

: - Why is the Didact so mad? Why is the version of the Didact in the game
: inconsistent with the Halo 3 terminals, the Halo 4 terminals except the
: last one or two, and apparently the books?

This is going to sound sarcastic, but it's not. He isn't the happy Didact, he's the angry one. There are two. And the H3 Terminals are about the happy one.

: - Why is there not even so much as a mention of Mendicant Bias?

Biggest personal disappointment I had of the entire campaign. Didn't bring it up in my review because maybe, just maybe, that will tie into H5 or H6 when they try and pull Cortana back from the grave. Not really holding my breath anymore, though.

: - We save Earth? again? really?

We did? Was that beam even powerful enough to take out the whole planet? Or would it have just kept blasting the same city unless Didact moved the ship in a rotational pattern around the planet, hopefully hitting all life-filled areas in the process? Does it spread? How much of humanity's population is even left on Earth itself? Too many questions, no answers, and no real reason to care about the consequences. But sure, yeah, we saved it. :P

: What do you guys (HBO) think about all this? Are you wondering about anything
: in particular that Halo 4 brought to mind?

Thank you for this last bit, since I know if I don't qualify everything I said above as "in my opinion" it might lead to some confusion.

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