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HTML guide
Posted By: *Ar-Isildur of *WP* <>Date: 10/19/02 2:40 a.m.

*Ar's Simple Guide to Simple HTML for Simple People revised edition...

Ever been in a situation where someone is chewing you out using letters this big? Have you ever been flamed haiku-style, complete with beautifully centered text? Has your late-breaking, never-before-seen trick of getting ontop of the Silent Cartographer been greeted with a single, solitary image, like this?

If so, then you have witnessed the wonders that simple HTML can bestow upon an ordinary forum post.

Now you may be wondering "how? how do these manly men utilize this strange beast known as HTML to do whatever they want?" It's quite simple. You just need to know your way around a little bit. For those of you who have posted on other forums (such as UBB or Ikonboard) that utilize "boardcode", HTML will be very easy to pick up and use (hint, uses boardcode). For the rest of us, the basic idea may take a little while to get used to, but a little work will get us there in no time at all.

First off, it is important to note that all (or most) HTML tags are contained within the < and > characters, respectively. Keeping that in mind, let's begin with some simple text formatting.


Text formatting

tag = <i>textgoeshere</i>

Let's take the sentence: Jason Horwath, lamer extraordinaire, told the most outrageously false stories.

Now let's say we want to italicize the words "outrageously false stories" , and only those words, to create an emphasis on them. We would type the tag <i> right before the word "outrageously" and in the space right after the last "s" in "stories" .. we would type the closing tag </i>.

Jason Horwath, lamer extraordinaire, told the most <i>outrageously false stories</i>.

We get:

Jason Horwath, lamer extraordinaire, told the most outrageously false stories.


tag = <b>textgoeshere</b>

All text formatting follows the same principle that I illustrated with the Italics. You begin the section you want to format with the starting tag, and end the section you want to format with the closing tag.

Halo 1<b>DOES NOT</b> support Xbox Live.

Halo 1 DOES NOT support Xbox Live.

i'll go quicker now..

tag = <u>textgoeshere</u>

tag = <s>textgoeshere</s>

Centered text

tag = <center>textgoeshere</center>

Blockquoted text

tag = <blockquote>textgoeshere</blockquote>

Font Colors
tag = <font color=red>textgoeshere</font> *note, there are other colors other than red :p, just type blue, or green, or orange, or whatever color you want in-place of where red is

Font Size
tag = <font size=4>textgoeshere</font> *note, you can vary the size from 1-6 using this system

Hyperlinks and embedded images

These are the types of HTML tricks that get asked about the most on the HBO forum, and I deliberately put them last on this little guide. Why? Wow, I didn't know the last time I made the guide, and I still don't know now. However, I DO know that steak is delicious, especially when topped with some fried onions and mushrooms. Mmm ... with some fried potatos on the side, and a heaping glass of milk ... can't be beat.

tag = <a href="">textgoeshere</a>

Let's write a sentence:

HBO isn't just a forum, you know, it also has a front page for the news.

Now let's make the words "front page for the news" into a hyperlink that leads to the frontpage.

HBO isn't just a forum, you know, it also has a <a href="">front page for the news</a>.


HBO isn't just a forum, you know, it also has a front page for the news.


Embedded Images
tag = <img src=""> *no closing tag needed

For our example, let's take an image that every newbie to this forum should take heed of. It's a little image i like to call the FAQ button.

The url for it is

To embed it in a forum post we type this <img src=""> . That's it, no closing tag necessary.

There you have it.

Tips and tricks: Use the "Preview Message" button

When dealing with HTML, the "Preview Message" button is your best friend in the whole wide world. If I post a message on this board that uses just plain text, I usually won't preview it before posting. But anytime I incorporate HTML into a forum post, even if it is just a single italic tag, I ALWAYS preview it before I post. Simply put, something as simple as forgetting to close the tag .. or leaving out a quotation mark, can completely ruin your post. .. sometimes rendering it unreadable.

Also, there is nothing wrong with experimenting with HTML on this forum. Just make sure you hit "Preview Message" instead of "Post Message" when you are testing. You'll be able to see if the HTML works ... without mucking up the board and generating intense dislike directed towards you.

This concludes my little guide to using simple HTML. I hope you all find a use for it on this forum, or in other situations and places.


The Psyjnir Complex ... what's in YOUR wallet?

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