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Re: Reid's theory, HSP
Posted By: Pixellated <>Date: 10/23/06 4:30 a.m.

In Response To: Reid's theory, HSP (yakaman)

It's strange, 'Mr. Security Officer' states that he feels like he has done things before, as does the MC (FoR, buttons and switches etc.), and we know that the Mark IV is made up of dead bodies put together. Marathon's story seems to be after Halo's... it may be possible that if Durandal/Flood hybrid succeeds AGAIN at surviving the collapse of the Universe (or the one before, it all depends on
the fact stated before), that he could find a way to bring others with him, in some way or form, making this a perfect opportunity to bring either cyborg (MC, or MarkIV) with him, thus creating these memory lapses and/or deja vu reprocussions, if the Mark IV is made up of . It's all a bit messed up in my head: Marathon comes before or after Halo, in either years or in Universes? It's stated in H2 that the Flood have begun to take over machinery, which would serve as a way for Durandal to enter a computer.

Hang on: isn't Gravemind connected to High Charity in some way? And isn't Cortana stuck in with him? This seems a perfect opportunity for Durandal to assumilate Cortana, thus causing her Rampancy that seems to be in everyone else's theories.

This brings up a further question. The mark IV has been made up from dead people. Anyone remember the Kill Your Television transcript? ( Nobody seemed to know who it was meant to be written by (Durandal/MarkIV). It might seem more apparant than ever now that it's written by the cyborg.

"i have been roland, beowulf, achilles, gilgamesh; i have been called a
hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the world goes
dim and cold. i am a hero." Could we now add John-117 to that list of 100 names? And will he be called more names after the world has gone cold, if carried over by Durandal? (Wait, my mind is spayed: which order did the 2 universes come in, if any? This theory of mine would only work if they looped in a circle >_<)


:Too complicated? I disagree. The general concept is simple, even if it would :take 1000 physicists 1000 years to explain the underlying Physics.

Durandal has 1000 years, no? =P


:I like the fact that you can potentialy extend this theory to say:
:Gravemind + Cortana = Durandel

That's my point above. Except it's better to add more equations:

Gravemind = Durandal
Cortana =/= Durandal
Gravemind + Cortana = Durandal


:John's "luck" can be seen as Durandal's methods of recreating (an improved :version of) the Security Officer - he's guaranteed to become who he is.

Fantastic: all the things in your post are apparant. Durandal loves himself and maybe is keeping himself alive through these things?


Arghs, more thoughts keep appearing in my head as I type. If Durandal used the MC to create the Security Officer, instead of the other way round, what if all those things in the Marathon universe were reminiscent of the Halo universe? If Cortana (soon to become Durandal) liked the Marathon symbol she kept seeing everywhere, it may become apparant to recreate it, if he/she comes before the M1 universe... it all hangs on the fact: which came first? Anyone help me out here?


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