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Looking too hard.
Posted By: Narcogen <>Date: 10/24/06 12:38 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Well... (yakaman)

: Back up and take the 20,000 foot view. Gravemind (via the flood) is really
: not much different than human consciousness sitting on top of a group of
: neurons. If you think about it, the Flood is really just one large brain.

: I believe Reid was making the case that Durandal wanted to recreate himself
: in a new universe, but he couldn't bank on "compatible"
: electrical circuits (or whatever he was originally composed of) being
: created in the new universe - the odds would be too staggering.

: So, he "stacked the deck", aligning things immediately before the
: big bang such that organic molecules might have a tendency to arrange
: themselves in such a way as to create a large, distributed network of
: organic intelligence. This intelligence would just so happen to perfectly
: mirror Durandal himself, with all of the memories and traits that made
: Durandal Durandal. Further, distributed means wide means safe...Durandal
: would guarantee his immortality in the universe via redundancy. Perhaps he
: even tweaked mass-to-energy ratios to create a universe that does not
: "crunch"; our universe will expand for eternity.

: Further, as a tribute (or perhaps because of emotional ties) he created the
: new universe in the image of the last, casting John-117 as the security
: officer, and Cortana as Leela (maybe). He infused Marathon symbology into
: the deepest recesses of the human mind, hence the oddly vague similarities
: between the two (Mark IV armor, Mark VI armor, Marathon references, etc,
: etc).

: John-117 has always been lucky. We call it destiny, but perhaps the universe
: was designed such that all probabilities are weighted to protect him.

: Does this make more sense?

C'mon, guys, you're all looking too hard to make comparisons that aren't there and ignoring the ones that are staring you in the face.

As the AI that accompanies you on your missions and gives you orders, the clear parallel between Halo and Marathon is Leela/Tycho/Durandal and Cortana.

They are all made by humans. They may or may not be under the control of the humans who made them.

The Marathon series has a alien-made AI of unknown origins and agenda. Its name is Thoth. If there is a parallel to be made between Marathon and Halo, it is between Gravemind and Thoth. Thoth always spoke in verse. So does Gravemind.

Knowing what we know about the plot of Marathon, what transpires between Thoth and Durandal?

What does that imply about Cortana and Gravemind, if anything?

Is it merely coincidence that Halo 2 ends by throwing those two characters together, and that the announcement trailer hints heavily at peril to Cortana, and that Bungie mentioned she was "in the clutches of the Gravemind"?

Why is everyone ignoring these glaring parallels and instead trying to figure out how Durandal actually achieved his goal, even though the final ending of the Marathon story seems to indicate that he has given this up, and recognized that he was not the protagonist of the story, but that the player, as the incarnation of the eternal hero, was?

Russia Is Building The Marathon

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