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Re: threshing floor
Posted By: Wado SGDate: 4/9/04 5:03 a.m.

In Response To: Re: threshing floor (Hedgemony)

: And when the Halo's are set off huge loaves of bread appear in space creating
: a massive oven effect suffocating all life when the yeast rises, squashing
: planets together?

: It's amazing how much you can find when you look deeper into Halo. Although
: Shishka once noted to me that it's all association. When you look for
: something hard enough you will find it everywhere...Ah, the wisdom.

: -Hedge

Yes, I see much now, especially after Red Loser directed me to the Book of Revelations. Metaphors, galore!

Lots of interpretations and questions. In REV 15:1 to 15:8, there's mention of seven Angels, seven plagues, and four beasts, and one of the beasts gives the seven Angels seven golden vials of the wrath of God.

I look at this and think that maybe the Covenant, when they went to Halo were trying to capture crates full of the Flood. I mean maybe it wasn't Halo's weapon they were after, but the Flood instead? It doesn't totally jive with the book Halo: The Flood, but it could explain all the equipment, crates, and troops that were deployed to the facility in the 343 Guilty Spark level.

There's also mention of glass seas and fire -- could that be glassing planets? There's even something about smoke filling up the temple so no man was able to enter -- could this be the Flood altering the atmosphere?

In other writings there's mention of "threshing floor" as a place of worship, even mention that the Ark of Covenant was kept on one threshing floor. Threshing is a violent process, and metaphors can equate just about anything together. The "chaff" can equate to "false church" and so the "wheat" is separated from the false church through violent means. There's even a possible mention of a "Wheat Bride" that I haven't been able to track down completely. A Wheat Bride is interesting, it could be referring to the marriage between the true church and God.

If this at all relates to Halo, I can't say for sure, but it does have many possibilities.

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