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Re: Covenant Hitler Theory *medium*
Posted By: SparkamusPrime <>Date: 6/30/05 3:20 a.m.

In Response To: Covenant Hitler Theory *medium* (Covenant Goldfish)

"So time passes and eventually they have Jackals, Hunters, Grunts etc.
They come across these Humans and see how outdated our weapons and technology are. Because they think this they don't invite us into the Covenant. However, they underestimate us."

I think...that humans are just too dangerous to be let into the covenant, the humans, without using any forerunner technology (with the exception of gravity plating and energy shields), have defeated many a covenant army on land. Humans also maybe too dangerous because the prophets realized that we were the reclaimers, if humans were invited into the covenant and suddenly the forerunner technology (which seems to react to human thought)were used by us, all of the demi-races of covenant would see that the humans were the forerunner gods that they had sought for so long. If that happened, the prophets would lose total control of the Covenant.

I'd also like to add a piece about Halo's weapon system that someone else mentioned earlier in the thread: the reason that Truth was not fearful about Tartarus activating the ring was because Halo's weapon fires at light speed, earth is (thousands?) of light years aways from the Rings. Therefore, a ship traveling faster than light would outrun the destruction of the ring easily, and....if what I think is true about Earth and the Ark....the Ark is not within the overlapping killzones of the halo weapon, that is why there is life on earth that remained (humans) and why Truth would go to the Ark, because not only is it safe from the blast(a blast that will hit in hundreds, if not thousands of years), but it can monitor, and if need be, initiate a galactic genocide.

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