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Covenant Hitler Theory *medium*
Posted By: Covenant Goldfish <>Date: 6/5/05 3:21 a.m.

Ok, so everyone knows that before the Covenant, the Elites were at war with the Prophets. Well I was wondering how did the Prophets all of a sudden pronunce peace with the Elites? The answer is, they never did. *DUM DUM DUM*

*Dramatic Pause*

I wondered why would the Prophets want to kill the Elites and I suddenly thought of Hitler (who knows why...). The Prophets hate the Elites. The Prophets hate the Elites so much that they want to be the only ones in the universe.

The Prophets use their advantage (being very smart) in their favour. They come across these giant ring-worlds and discover their purpose. The monitors tell them of the Forerunners and the Flood. They see that the Flood are well contained and so the Prophets don't worry about the Flood. As the Prophets are amazed with the work of the Forerunners, they get the idea to make a fake religion that the Elites will believe.

They then signed a "peace treaty" and invited the Elites to join the Covenant. The Elites discuss between themselves and figure out that with their brawn and the Prophets brains, they could be in harmony and conquer many worlds. Unfortunately, the Prophets just want all species, other than themselves, to be extinct. So along they go conquering worlds and spreading word of these "Forerunner Gods".

So time passes and eventually they have Jackals, Hunters, Grunts etc.
They come across these Humans and see how outdated our weapons and technology are. Because they think this they don't invite us into the Covenant. However, they underestimate us.

When they come across the Brutes, they see how much more stronger they are and quickly invite them to join the Covenant. Somehow Tartarus finds out the Prophets secret and the Prophets make a deal. The Brutes get power and authority (which is what they want) by guarding the Prophets, the Brutes must keep 343 Guilty Spark and the other monitors quiet and the Prophets get protection (if anyone finds out their secret again). All of this happens during Halo and before Halo 2.

The Covenant trusts the Prophets and admire them. The Covenant thinks that if they die that they'll go to their version of Heaven.

-CovenantGoldfish thinks that the Prophets are prideful idiots

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