Re: Muller's Mission?
Posted By: xcaliburDate: 6/15/15 11:29 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Muller's Mission? (Lion O Cyborg)

: I think the "Flaming smoky Demon" is actually the W'rkncacnter or
: "Dreaming god" itself or at least a form it takes that's more
: presentable to humans than a giant blob of carnivorous Jell-O or Davy
: Jones on steroids.

: The glass vial is actually a cryo capsule that just happens to look like a
: genie bottle (or the W'rk subconsciously makes changes its appearance to
: look like one.)

: Why he runs off after one hit when his nightmares are killed I've no idea.
: Either he's a coward or he finds our attempts to kill his physical form
: amusing. either way, even if we had a proper boss fight and not a lazy
: hack, he still couldn't die anyway and just run off because he's
: practically immortal.

: Also, he's only attacking us with his bad thoughts on Ok who else wants some
: because he's either sleepwalking, (before the end of the week) or stirring
: in that way where you hear your mum banging cymbals together and your eyes
: flutter open briefly, but you can't easily tell her to knock it off
: without slurring and then drifting off again for a short time. (around
: Thursday night and Friday morning)

: No idea if he were to strike a deal with Muller and get him to form a Triad
: cult with the W'rk and Hitler to pave the way for his takeover of the
: world if he made it that far, much like the other W'rk Lord Tirek AKA El
: Oscuro below San Nicolas, or just smite him with his midnight gas.

It doesn't seem likely that the Flamy/Smoky figure is an avatar of the dreaming god. If it has enough direct awareness of you to send waves of monsters at you, why should it let you plant the nuclear device? the last level is challenging, but I'd think it would put up even more of a fight. And why would it drop the alien gemstone? Also, the opened bottle was on the level just before.

It seems to me that the Demon served the Dreaming God, just like the Sentinels. The Demon attacks by summoning waves of monsters, and by the time you've fought through them all, its energy is expended so it retreats. This fits better, to me at least.

: Can you explain how the NPCs in resident evil got on the other side of those
: locked doors that needed special keys?

I haven't played enough RE to answer this.

also, the Gold Key must've been in the upper levels of the pyramid. Muller's party goes down both ways, and since 2 different soldiers tell us that no one came back up, that means that they split up on ground floor. Which means that Muller handed over the Gold Key on ground floor, which means it was lying around up above.
Muller may have gone up just for the Gold Key, but I think he also retrieved the pipes. as their name says, they're alien in nature, and there's no reason to assume he brought it in from outside. also, it seems that the pyramid can regenerate artifacts. For example, we're told that the cubans went through a false wall, which leads to the alcove with the blue crystal. I think the Cubans took the blue crystal, and it shattered by the time they got to the bottom levels. The crystal regenerated in time for you to use it.

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