Re: Muller's Mission?
Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 6/16/15 12:41 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Muller's Mission? (xcalibur)

: It doesn't seem likely that the Flamy/Smoky figure is an avatar of the
: dreaming god. If it has enough direct awareness of you to send waves of
: monsters at you, why should it let you plant the nuclear device? the last
: level is challenging, but I'd think it would put up even more of a fight.
: And why would it drop the alien gemstone? Also, the opened bottle was on
: the level just before.

: It seems to me that the Demon served the Dreaming God, just like the
: Sentinels. The Demon attacks by summoning waves of monsters, and by the
: time you've fought through them all, its energy is expended so it
: retreats. This fits better, to me at least.

It can fit, but it always seems to me that he is both sleepwalking and unsure of the threat we pose. The W'rkncacnter may not have known about human technology outside of the Yucatan tribes and whoever else was turned into undead skeletons -they're not actual flesh and blood zombies despite the name-, (Nazis and tomb raiders not withstanding, technology wise) so this specimen might not have been aware that we could chloroform it with uranium just then.

The "Demon" I think is a DREAM avatar of the W'rk itself(still no italics so pardon my caps), brought into smaller size and a bit less power than its true, awakened self.

His capsule might have been on the uppermost floor all along containing his dream self watching over his tomb like a genie in a bottle and trying to lure anyone into his lair to help wake him up, like the Gravemind Mumm-Ra in the captured Jjaro dreadnaught which crashed in the Soleanna desert in Egypt.

He couldn't control his other dreams, only summon them, even then sometimes by accident hence why the others died except Javier because after being removed from his capsule, the W'rk snuffed him out because he couldn't be trusted, but Muller could despite he died a while back, but now he could try and wake himself up.

However, we made it down far enough that he saw we posed some danger, but he couldn't concentrate enough to know that it was serious. we exhausted his dream self's limited power and left him in more traditional REM before planting the bomb.

The gemstone would be to help those that helped him out escape, had they the strength to make it that far. Except that the dream W'rk dropped it anyway in his sleep after shooting him after the last wave.

It does sound completely ridicules why he'd hand us the fire escape key after whuppin' his ass-tral projection due to simple drowsy clumsiness but then again; it's Bungie, and it's Lovecraftian Horror, practically any theory is plausible even if it's just speculation, like the stair lifts puzzle in CSFSC being a training course or the Marathon's lava streams being used for central heating and power with the engines keeping it hot.

That's why we have the story page to try and help make sense of it all.

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