Muller's Mission?
Posted By: Nick hoadDate: 4/17/05 7:08 a.m.

Was looking through the PiD site at Bungie.org and came across good old Muller. This served to bring back to my the mind that long held mystery, what was Muller's Mission?

Muller’s Mission and the Mystery Surrounding It

Muller somehow obtained:

Maps of the pyramid (although Javier said they were useless which might be why Muller went the wrong way at first)

Alien Pipes (another is found on Ascension)

Gold Key (to open gold door on Beware of Low-Flying Nightmares)

Muller knew about:

The Eleven gold Ingots

The Cedar Box

The Vial (containing the demon, it was the goal of his mission)

How did Muller obtain these artifacts and information? From the conversation we had with him and from the direction he took it can be assumed that he also knew about some of the crystals, the brown potion, the red cloak, the Green Oozes, the suffocation room and the alien gemstone.

He said he knew nothing about the crystals, but the mere fact he responded to the word crystal (blue, yellow or violet) shows that he knew about them. Javier also tells us that in the German’s notes it talked about the alien gemstone meaning that Muller also knew about that. As for knowing about the brown potion, red cloak, green oozes and suffocation room, that is open to debate. If we take Thomas’ statement into account “Muller hardly even warned us before he opened the doors. I think he knew what was going to happen, which makes him even more stupid,” then we can again assume he knew about the carnage room and what was in it.

So how did Muller come by all of this? How did he get the gold key, maps and alien pipes along with a book load of information on the Pathways pyramid. The only area I can find that he fell down in extremely (which eventually led to his death) was that he knew next to nothing about the monsters in the pyramid “We didn't expect to find strange beasts like
we discovered here. We were entirely unprepared ...”

There is kind of a contradiction there, if he didn’t expect to find the strange beasts then how could he as Thomas said “know what was going to happen” when he opened the doors on Happy Happy Carnage Carnage. How could he know about the green oozes if he didn’t expect to find any monsters? So it’s more probable that he didn’t know about the green oozes, just that he knew he needed the brown potion.

Confusing, but I think it is generally safe to say that he didn’t know much about the monsters. However, this doesn’t excuse the fact that he knew just about everything that didn’t involve the monsters.

Muller’s mission was to find the Demon Vial, that should not be questioned as he told Friedrich about it and it was in his notes (Javier told us that one). But was there more to it? And how did he get the artifacts and information? Did our old friends the Jjaro help out Muller? Or possibly even the dreaming god itself? (the dreaming god may even be a W'rkncacnter trying to wake itself up by getting Muller to come to the pyramid).

The “Muller’s Mission” section in the Pathways site at Bungie.org never got put up and I really want to know where Muller became so well-equipped and what his true mission was. It’s probably one of the greatest mystery’s in the Marathon/PiD universe. Anybody got any ideas about it?

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