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: (The Trilogy is kinda fuzzy on who or what Yrro and Pthia specifically were,
: though, and even the mention somewhere that "Yrro" is an
: alternate spelling of "Jjaro" doesn't clear up much. That said,
: if Yrro were human, then that does sound rather painful)

I had a theory way back about this exact question. In fact, I described it in my fourth post ever, way back in 2012. I'll quote some of it:

"As I believe Hamish has mentioned before (maybe I'm thinking of someone else, but I think it was Hamish), Yrro and Jjaro are just different spellings of the same phonetic word. Yrro is an individual but Jjaro is a race? What?! The same word meaning two different things? What if the terminals referring to Yrro are just generalizing? In other words, what if there is no individual Yrro? What if the reference to Yrro was a metaphor?"

In other words, Yrro is really a personification of the entire Jjaro race developed in S'pht lore. There is a lot of precedent for such a thing. The entire Bible is full of such stories, one example being David and Goliath. One major theory behind that story (and one that I personally really like) is that Goliath is a personification of the might of the Philistines, and David's interaction with Goliath is symbolic of the nature of the broader conflict between the Israelites and the Philistines during the Kingdom's early years.

These sorts of things happen all the time in ancient mythologies. The main reason for this is the nature of oral traditions - when events are not written down, there's a constant tendency for the story to morph and change with time. Whole groups of people are condensed into a single person, events are made more grandiose, little allegories are added into the gaps in the story, et cetera. I think a similar thing is happening here: the events involving the Jjaro and the W'rkncacnter occurred in the most early ages of S'pht civilization, and the result is a set of mythologies that have undergone the same kind of modification process as, for example, the Bible.

So, if Yrro is a personification of the Jjaro as a whole, then who is Pthia? Is she, likewise, a personification?

My theory was that yes, in fact, she is a personification - a representation of another race, one that lived in harmony with the Jjaro. A quote from Six Thousand Feet Under... (Terminal 4):

"Fleeing all W'rkncacnter, Yrro and Pthia
settled upon Lh'owon. They brought the
S'pht, servants who began to shape the
deserts of Lh'owon into marsh and sea,
rivers and forests. They made sisters for
Lh'owon to protect and maintain the paradise."

Now, the bit about Yrro and Pthia bringing the S'pht to Lh'owon is a little strange, but not altogether inconceivable. Seeing themselves as so different from all other beings on their planet, the S'pht would naturally have thought themselves distinct, separate, altogether different in origin than the fauna of Lh'owon. So, nothing too troubling there.

That out of the way, the above quote is rather interesting if you interpret Yrro and Pthia to be personifications of ancient spacefaring races. The myth says they were "fleeing all Wr'kncacnter", and that gives an image of two species, harmoniously united, abandoning their homeworlds and trying to settle down in a new, safe location. Perhaps the two species united prior to their being pushed out by the W'rkncacnter, or perhaps they linked up after at least one of them had been forced to flee. The next part of the myth fleshes out what happens afterwards:

"When the W'rkncacnter came, Pthia was
killed, and Yrro in anger, flung the
W'rkncacnter into the sun. The sun burned
them, but they swam on its surface."

So, the W'rkncacnter follow the Jjaro and [?the Pthia] to Lh'owon, and then proceed to annihilate the Pthia before they and the Jjaro can organize a resistance. Finally, the Jjaro, in a last, desperate attempt to save themselves and their creation (the S'pht), use a special, massively powerful device (perhaps the Aye Mak Sicur station) to trap the W'rkncacnter inside Lh'owon's star.

The later parts of the myth are more awkward to interpret, as they are fitting of an individual (Yrro) but not a species (Jjaro). I won't get into them.

There's no hard evidence for that interpretation of 'Pthia', and I'm sure other alternatives could be invented, but I always think it's a fun theory that makes some sense to me - I certainly don't see any hard evidence against it.

Thoughts, anyone?


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