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Super long reply
Posted By: Kermit <>Date: 10/18/12 8:32 p.m.

In Response To: Skulls, Terminals, etc.(Long) (Hyokin)

: If the terminals are similar to ODST or Halo CEA, I think they'll be a lot of
: fun and very interesting to find.

Looks like youíre going to get your way, Hyokin, based on the one Halo 4 terminal theyíve already released.

Weíre not on the same page when it comes to the CEA terminals. In Halo: CE you didnít have terminals, but you did have a good example of what I like, which is Jenkinís helmet cam footage. That gave us a found object that stopped gameplay but drove the narrative using a means that was believable in context.

In Halo 3 we got more of the Forerunnner backstory with the terminalsóI admire that they werenít for the casual fan. I admit that to this day Iíve not myself absorbed them nearly as well as many fans, but I like that theyíre oblique. They are exactly what the Master Chief might find in that setting: incomplete remnants of ancient communications. Iíll also put Reachís datapads in this same category. Iíve posted before about how text activates a different part of our imagination and enriches a game.

I love Sadieís story. Although the illustrations didnít match the realism of the art in the game, on the whole the audio and time and manner of delivery were very believable. More on Sadieís story in a bit.

As for the terminals in Halo CEA, I enjoyed them on their own, but they took me out of the immersion of the game. Artistically, they were better than some of the stand-alone Halo motion comics, of which Iím not a big fan. (Having grown up watching craptastic Filmation and Hanna Barbera cartoons in the 60s and 70s, and then learning about GOOD animation later, I admit I have a bad reaction when I see some of this stuff.)

My criticism springs from this: inside the world of the game, who is creating content that looks like this and is from this perspective, and why would it be there? These questions stop me. The terminals seem to be following a Halo tradition, but theyíre really an awkward hybrid of what has been three separate Halo traditions: Easter eggs (extra, fun stuff you find in the game world that intentionally breaks immersion), terminals (extra narrative you find in the game world that deepens immersion), and cutscenes ( [mostly] third-person narrative triggered to serve a necessary dramatic purpose). Before Halo CEA, terminals had been of a piece with the game world (with the exception of the ones in Halseyís lab, which are really just part of the coolest Easter egg ever!).

I know Sadieís story has been cited as an inspiration for the new terminals, but that was organically part of the larger story, was presented to you by Vergil, a character in the story, and you never saw anything from a perspective he didnít have access to. Vergil also had a motive for telling this story to you, which you find out about if youíve played on legendary, after finding all of the audio logs. Itís masterful the way itís naturally woven into the game experience.

In Halo CEA, even though most of the clips are ostensibly ďfromĒ Guilty Spark, the perspective isnít his. The terminals trigger cutscenes that donít provide necessary narrative and therefore donít justify taking me outside of my imaginary armor. Iím no longer Master Chief in the future standing at a terminal discovering more about this world Iím in, Iím olí Kermit, who is essentially opening a video on Waypoint. Theyíre Easter eggs that break immersion while trying to deepen it. Theyíre terminals found in the game world, but they take you out of it. Can you tell that they bug me?

All that said, your preferences may better represent the Halo audience. I donít know.

Thatís the most critical Iím going to be about Halo 4 before I actually play the campaign. Honestly, Iím excited. There are many other things about Halo 4 to be excited about.

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