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Posted By: nevets01Date: 11/10/17 1:58 p.m.

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: I see! Dunno if it's the direction you'd see things going, but I'm wondering
: if this alternate personality could eventually go from
: subconscious/inducing dream levels to conscious and able to converse with
: the SO on more than a "don't get shot" level. The implications
: of all that would be staggering, I'd bet (and maybe lead to some hilarity
: if the SO's fine with Durandal but his Jjaro half isn't).

I hadn't thought it out that far yet, but yeah, that is the direction I was going... and dang that would be awesome and perhaps hilarious. Though by the end, remember, Durandal and S'blblblbpth (I can't remember how to spell it, and judging by the inconsistencies in the name spelling, neither could Bungie.) got all fused together, so Durandal is kinda in the same boat as you are: he's also got Jjaro bits in his personality, and you can tell they're having an effect. This also raises the question: do you tag along with what's left of Durandal after Infinity? He tells you that he's released any hold he's got on your "soul" (hmmm... soul...) and that you should "go". But then the final screen seems to jump forward a bajillion years, and somehow S'blblblblbpth is dead (???) but Durandal isn't, and the SO and Durandal seem to both have survived until the closure of the universe... together. That might be wrong though, and Durandal's just going off his formidable memory as an AI. But yeah, I think a disagreement between human and Jjaro would be quite hilarious, even something small like: "meatbag, why do you use that weapon?" "Cuz it's cool!" "but weapon Y is so much better! it fires 49% faster, and has much smaller hit patterns" "yeah but it don't got that one thing!" etc.
Though somehow I think that the Jjaro and human bits would tend to agree with each other due to the personalities fusing. If only for self-preservation, since I can totally see an argument like that happening while the SO is trying to fight off a bunch of Pfhor with weapon X and he keeps instinctively twitching towards weapon Y.
But this is venturing past mere speculation into "whatif" territory.


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