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: I actually haven't played any of the HALO games.
: Yet.

Recommendation: read the Cortana Letters; then, if you ever get around to playing at least the first game, take a gander at the Halo Story Page. Lots and lots of good stuff there if you're as fascinated by old theories as I am.

: It seemed really weird to me that people would chose to fight over asteroids
: when there were so many just sitting around, it's like fighting over
: oxygen in a breathable atmosphere. Don't like your neighbors? Move
: somewhere else; you just got here in a spaceship.

Perhaps Onicis 492 had tactical or cultural significance? Or the two asteroid states were trying to mine it for valuable metals/other materials and didn't want to split things evenly.

: Ooh. I had NOT thought of that. I assumed that the Pfhor would have continued
: to concentrate on the Marathon, and only make a token effort to take over
: the colony (thus making it relatively easy to mount a guerilla campaign
: with few but quite capable, and presumably well-armed, fighters). However,
: if there were ten cyborgs with Jjaro implants, why wouldn't Durandal
: teleport them aboard as well at the end of M1?

Since Durandal never brings the other nine up in conversation (IIRC), it's possible that he just wasn't aware that the SO wasn't the only one on board (if he even realized that the SO was a battleroid before M2). Or he deliberately left them behind so that the Marathon and Tau Ceti would still have people that could defend it.

: YES, exactly that, but this seems to be in the canon.

Not sure if I'd call it 'canon', since (again) something as significant as that would've been emphasized more. But I do think that activating one's Jjaro implants would have at least some knock-on effects.

Regardless--how do you figure that works? Shades of Master Chief and Cortana (or for a similar, more directly in-your-head example, Serious Sam and Netrisca)? Could Durandal directly communicate to this alternate personality?

Dunno if/when you'd have the SO become aware of them, but I'm guessing "while he was in stasis before M2".

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