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: Well, I think memory is key here. "like an old dream": this is deja
: vu for you, and you already have reflexes and instinct built up from
: whatever you did before you died as a Jjaro (presumably your job was to
: kill things). In this light, your Jjaro part makes up something akin to
: your subconscious, while your conscious mind is more human. Your Jjaro
: bits feed you things like "there's probably a Pfhor around that
: corner, charge up your fusion pistol before you peek around it",
: knowledge you have IRL from getting killed by that Pfhor five minutes ago
: and then reviving yourself with a tap of the action key. This is what
: Durandal means when he's talking about "You follow the path" in
: the final screen: you're like Contessa, you automatically know exactly
: what you have to do and where to be to win the encounter, by
: "instinct", really your Jjaro bits being a brilliant strategist.
: Then your normal brain chalks it up to luck or cyborg reflexes.

I see! Dunno if it's the direction you'd see things going, but I'm wondering if this alternate personality could eventually go from subconscious/inducing dream levels to conscious and able to converse with the SO on more than a "don't get shot" level. The implications of all that would be staggering, I'd bet (and maybe lead to some hilarity if the SO's fine with Durandal but his Jjaro half isn't).

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