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: You are part Jjaro.

Funny thing: in the early stages of Halo: CE, the Forerunners were to be revealed as the Jjaro, who in turn would be revealed as human, so in the context of this theory, the SO could be part-Jjaro in more than one sense. And unlike Halo's later developments, I don't think there's anything in Marathon that blatantly contradicts the "human Jjaro" idea.

(I have some further thoughts going in AU territory, if you wanna hear)

wrt: Onicis 492: could be wrong, but I think you're the first person to suggest that it was a Jjaro outpost, let alone that this fact was the specific catalyst for war (I figured it was a bog-standard territorial dispute, with the actual Jjaro tech being found on Earth's moon later).

: However, there's nine OTHER cyborgs floating around in the colony,
: so the "everyone else" would include other, "normal"
: cyborgs as well as humans.

I don't think nine "normal" cyborgs would've been able to temporarily beat back the Pfhor down on the colony. Strauss explicitly states that there are ten battleroids hidden among the crew, and if you go by the same theory I do, all ten of 'em had Jjaro implants; the one you play as just activated theirs first.

(This theory, I should probably elaborate on here: there's actually multiple generations of battleroids. The ones that wiped out Icarus and Thermopylae were first-gen, made entirely with human tech. Later on, MIDA obtains ten sets of Jjaro implants and tries to replicate them; this results in the second gen, most of whom went ballistic like the first. The ten battleroids on the Marathon were the ones who received the actual Jjaro implants and are stable. Then there's a third gen, which is entirely AU-based)

: Durandal's use of you to explore places has been postulated on the
: "you" bit of the story page that Durandal, or some part of him
: is inside you. They talk about transmitters and things in your suit, but
: remember, there's weird magnetic stuff going on, which disrupts your
: motion tracker.

Magnetic interference aside, I think it'd be more practical (or less complicated plot-wise) for Durandal to just peek through your helmet-cam. If he tried to leave the Marathon before he could take the Pfhor ship, it's likely that Leela and Tycho would shut him out permanently. If the SO isn't then able to clean out the Pfhor ship single-handedly, they're both sunk.

Aside from "I will be watching everything", I don't think there's anything to indicate that Durandal jumped inside your head for a bit. Might have to chalk it up to the same kinda writing oddity present at the start of Pathways into Darkness (you walk away unscathed from an impact that warped the barrel of your gun).

: So you're part Jjaro technology. This tech was almost definitely some sort of
: brain implant or augmentation, a la the S'Pht's cybernetics. So, when you
: are re-animated, is the 'self' in that brain the Jjaro that previously
: occupied the implant, or the man that occupied the brain of the man while
: he was living, or is it a combination of the two? I'm inclined to say the
: latter: your personality is the mix between the man and the machine,
: almost like the way Durandal fuses with that other computer at the end of
: Infinity.

I'm thinking "mechanically-induced alternate/adjacent personality as a result of the battleroid conversion process", which could make for a good fic...

: Hmm. "Sword-Roland.transfer". The first time I saw this, I read it
: as "Sword is being transferred to Roland", though looking at it
: now, it seems more like "transfer" is some function of
: "Sword-Roland" (clearly Durandal). So what is being transferred?
: the message? I don't think so. I think Durandal is transferring HIMSELF.

An interesting possibility, though I think that it would've been emphasized more if that was what Durandal was attempting.

wrt: dream level stuff: Something tells me that if an AI tried to expand inside a person's head/neural implants, it would swiftly result in dead human. Even Jjaro implants/neural computers/what have you might not have enough storage capacity. I do, however, suspect that having a comatose* AI in your head would still have some subconscious influences, so to speak.

(* the state I figure Durandal is in until the SO merges him with Thoth. The only thing that could potentially be taken as Durandal communicating with the SO after "Hang Brain" is the Hangar 96 terminals [and there's still timey-wimey stuff going on there]. My friend Hokuto posits that said terminals are an expression of Durandal's post-Rampancy guilt over his earlier actions)

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