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: Recommendation: read the Cortana Letters ; then, if you ever get around to
: playing at least the first game, take a gander at the Halo Story Page .
: Lots and lots of good stuff there if you're as fascinated by old theories
: as I am.

Will do.

: Perhaps Onicis 492 had tactical or cultural significance? Or the two asteroid
: states were trying to mine it for valuable metals/other materials and
: didn't want to split things evenly.

Or maybe it was just humans being humans and making up excuses to kill each other. Guess we'll never know for sure.

: Since Durandal never brings the other nine up in conversation (IIRC), it's
: possible that he just wasn't aware that the SO wasn't the only one on
: board (if he even realized that the SO was a battleroid before M2). Or he
: deliberately left them behind so that the Marathon and Tau Ceti would
: still have people that could defend it.

I guess that could make sense, but Leela knew it, and so did Strauss, and Durandal would have to be super out-of-touch with the colony to not realise "oh hey look, that supersoldier I've got, there's another nine of them kicking Pfhor butt" (do they have butts? I'm not sure insectoid joints work like that...)

: Not sure if I'd call it 'canon', since (again) something as significant as
: that would've been emphasized more. But I do think that activating one's
: Jjaro implants would have at least some knock-on effects.

yeah, I meant more of "the evidence for it is in the actual game". I have no idea if it actually IS canon because we don't know if this interpretation is correct or not.

: Regardless--how do you figure that works? Shades of Master Chief and Cortana
: (or for a similar, more directly in-your-head example, Serious Sam and
: Netrisca)? Could Durandal directly communicate to this alternate
: personality?

Well, I think memory is key here. "like an old dream": this is deja vu for you, and you already have reflexes and instinct built up from whatever you did before you died as a Jjaro (presumably your job was to kill things). In this light, your Jjaro part makes up something akin to your subconscious, while your conscious mind is more human. Your Jjaro bits feed you things like "there's probably a Pfhor around that corner, charge up your fusion pistol before you peek around it", knowledge you have IRL from getting killed by that Pfhor five minutes ago and then reviving yourself with a tap of the action key. This is what Durandal means when he's talking about "You follow the path" in the final screen: you're like Contessa, you automatically know exactly what you have to do and where to be to win the encounter, by "instinct", really your Jjaro bits being a brilliant strategist. Then your normal brain chalks it up to luck or cyborg reflexes.

: Dunno if/when you'd have the SO become aware of them, but I'm guessing
: "while he was in stasis before M2".

Well, he might start to figure it out when he can understand Thoth, but he should REALLY start to get a hint in the "dream" levels when your Jjaro bits basically shove a hallucination into your consciousness. When does this happen? Would the "dream" levels be experienced in real-time or would some sort of time dilation be going on? Perhaps the entire thing happens during the teleport, and how you go through the level hes something to determine the outcome of the teleport (which explains why different "telepads" in the dreams lead to different levels in "real life". Terminals and terrain in dream levels are the scattered and disjointed (or, even stranger, perhaps they all are relevant to the situation and your Jjaro bits are trying to tell you something.)

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