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So I guess I'm a little confused..
Posted By: tinyDate: 11/8/12 7:50 a.m.

In Response To: Halo 4 graphics. Bad? (Cody Miller)

: I'm on my way through the game, however I'm really having issue with the
: graphics.

: They aren't bad on a technical level, but I think aesthetically they aren't
: very good at all.

: To me, the graphics are taking a page from Michael Bay and from the newer
: Final Fantasies, in that they are throwing enormous detail, complexity,
: and effects in your face. Transformers literally hurt my eyes to watch,
: since there was so much STUFF going on within the image, that I had no
: idea where or what to focus on.

I don't recall the baddies in Halo 3 or Reach to 'overly standout' that is to say as well, the atmosphere and conditions are different. Also, I feel like if it didnt have the detail and complexity another set of people would be bitching about how the structures are too washed down and dont convey the advancements of the Forerunners.

: That seems to be my problem with Halo 4. First of all, the textures and
: geometry are so detailed and complex, that I feel like I feel when
: watching Michael Bay. With all that complexity and detail, you lose the
: ability to direct the eye.

Sure it's complex, but I feel like they did a nice job with light too direct your eye.

: Second, the way the engine renders does not
: seem to make anything stand out - the enemies blend in with the
: environment a lot, making it hard to distinguish them. Third, the lighting
: effects are overly exaggerated and pronounced, which is not only
: distracting but probably contributes to number 2. Lastly, the HUD is
: actually really distracting.

I guess it must just be me, but I liked how the enemies actually were sometimes hard to pick out, how things were more blended, more a part of the universe, the lightning effects are dramatic, but frankly in a darkly lit space with a bright light.. thats pretty realistic and I liked it. The HUD was distracting at first but I loved the subtle nuances of its movement, of the top of the helmet when you ran, the little details to me, that you complain about are what sets this game a part to me, and dare I say, makes it better than the previous ones.

: It's visual overload here, which is not what you want when playing a game.
: The graphics should be easy to understand, and convey information to the
: player. Instead, I'm staring at these massively complex pieces of geometry
: all over the screen, and having difficulty digesting it all.

: Am I off base here?

Information overload is understandable, and I'm not going to say much because there's no *SP* tag on any of this stuff.. a lot of the game to me was visually no where near as complicated as it could have been, there were many areas where they showed restraint and guided you visually.

I guess I'm one of the few that enjoyed the art style, the art direction and what I felt were drastically improved graphics. The in game cut scenes alone (the non CG rendered ones) were fantastic, the facial animation is some of the best I've seen. So to say it was bad.. yeah I guess I'm just a little confused.

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