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No, you're not
Posted By: rhubarb <>Date: 11/6/12 11:12 a.m.

In Response To: Halo 4 graphics. Bad? (Cody Miller)

: I'm on my way through the game, however I'm really having issue with the
: graphics.

: They aren't bad on a technical level, but I think aesthetically they aren't
: very good at all.

: To me, the graphics are taking a page from Michael Bay and from the newer
: Final Fantasies, in that they are throwing enormous detail, complexity,
: and effects in your face. Transformers literally hurt my eyes to watch,
: since there was so much STUFF going on within the image, that I had no
: idea where or what to focus on.

: That seems to be my problem with Halo 4. First of all, the textures and
: geometry are so detailed and complex, that I feel like I feel when
: watching Michael Bay. With all that complexity and detail, you lose the
: ability to direct the eye. Second, the way the engine renders does not
: seem to make anything stand out - the enemies blend in with the
: environment a lot, making it hard to distinguish them. Third, the lighting
: effects are overly exaggerated and pronounced, which is not only
: distracting but probably contributes to number 2. Lastly, the HUD is
: actually really distracting.

: It's visual overload here, which is not what you want when playing a game.
: The graphics should be easy to understand, and convey information to the
: player. Instead, I'm staring at these massively complex pieces of geometry
: all over the screen, and having difficulty digesting it all.

: Am I off base here?

The graphics are highly detailed to the point of hyper-reality. It's like everything is turned up to 11. I thought something was wrong with my TV.

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