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Re: Death animations
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 11/6/12 6:05 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Death animations (kapowaz)

: They're more realistic, but as it turns out that's not actually helpful; when
: an enemy transforms from being a threat to a corpse, it's good to know
: this as soon as possible so you don't waste ammo.

So, don't you get a recognizable death cry?

: Often when shooting
: elites or grunts they'll spin around as they die, but it's easy to mistake
: this for their normal, alive and jumping around animations.

Perhaps you'd get to recognize the difference in due course?

Following up on my ragdoll concern, here's another query. If an enemy gets killed by a blast and goes flying, does ragdoll animation take over, or are things like in H1 where the body will follow a nicely stylized animation? I'm also wondering if you get a scream in flight, which has always been amusing in H1 (e.g. a Grunt going "Waaaahhhhhhhh" while his arms go around).

Actually that brings to mind another issue. What about the tone of H4? Is there significant humour there (I'm thinking particularly of its potential in combat), or do things feel noticeably more serious and gritty, or what? Anyone got any thoughts along those lines?

: You and me both. I have to wonder just what the game looks like on an SDTV.
: Presumably they don't use the same layout, because it'd be impossible to
: read then.

Hah, I think that's a presumption too far. i have the impression that game developers have precious little concern over what things will look like on SDTVs.

Bad Cyborg

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