Redemption Returns
Posted By: Bob-B-QDate: 5/13/05 8:43 a.m.

I'm sure you've all forgotten about it by now, but I've been working my scenario, Marathon: Redemption.

I've decided to post a partial outline of the scenario thus far. It covers the revised storyline up to the fifth of the original Redemption terminals.

Feedback is important.


[*] Fists now fire faster when dual-wielding.

[*] M-2842A3 12mm magnum (dual wield): no scope, bigger and badder than the Mega Class. Lower rate of fire, but hits hard enough to knock opponents backward. Basically a 29th century Desert Eagle.

[*] XM-2861 plasma carbine: a lightweight energy rifle that fires medium-speed plasma bursts, or charges up for a Covenant Scarab-style particle beam.

[*] M-2851A1 “Thumper” automatic combat shotgun: a full-sized boom-stick that uses smart shells capable of firing either as buckshot or as a sort of slug round.

[*] M-2714A6 “Ripper” assault rifle: a bullpup configuration gun with an underslung semi-automatic 20mm grenade launcher. Closer to the KKV-7 in accuracy than the MA-75B. Also, they finally figured out how to make it work in vacuum, for what little good that does.

[*] XM-2860 anti-material electromagnetic projectile launcher, informally known as “the honking big railgun what shatters our spines”: replaces the SPNKr. Trades blast radius for minimal shot travel time.

[*] M-2570A9 “Zip” machine pistol (dual wield): a small SMG with a large clip and insane rate of fire. Possibly fitted with a suppressor on certain maps.


[*] Marine: basically a BOB with an assault rifle, submachine gun, or shotgun and heavier body armor.

[*] Vacsuit marine: fills a similar role to the VacBOB.

[*] Nar: angry immortals with clubs.

[*] Manifestations of W'rkncacnter: various baddies from PiD. Found mostly on psychedelic dream levels.

[*] AH-55 “Buzzard” attack flyer: the UESC's response to the Pfhor Juggernaut. Comes with two miniguns and rocket launchers.

[*] P-30 “Sentinel” point defense weapon: a basic stationary turret armed with a minigun and plasma cannon.

[*] GA-440 powered armor system: one for the mecha fans out there. Standard models are fitted with the same minigun and rocket launcher as the Buzzard, plus a flamethrower and a melee function. This will be available to players on at least one level.


01: “Return Of The Jjaro Boxers”

[*] We start in the end section of “Aye Mak Sicur”. Final message from Durandal-Thoth.

[*] Most hallways are now blocked; the open ones lead into a twisting 5-D maze that brings us to a mirror of the starting area.

[*] There should be some terminals from Yrro, talking about our choice of paths. Maybe some hints about getting back to the native path.

[*] End terminal is from Robert Blake aboard the Hfarl. This is the original M2 timeline: as far as Blake knows, we just beamed up from “All Roads Lead To Sol...” He offers a ride back to Earth.

02: “Not That We Wish To Imply You Have Been Sleeping On The Job...”

[*] We wake up to find that the Hfarl's hyperlight engine failed and we reached Earth almost fifty years late. Blake and the others are fine, thanks to the stasis tanks.

[*] This is a training level focused entirely on testing various new weapons against holographic Pfhor as the UESC prepares to take the fight to the enemy.

[*] Must-sees include new warp-capable space munitions and starships.

[*] We depart aboard the newly refitted Hfarl as the UESC fleet prepares to attack Pfhor Battle Group Two, Central Arm in a system not far from Lh'owon. A cryptic transmission intercepted by UESC command indicates that the S'pht'Kr will join the UESC fleet once they arrive in the battle zone.

03: “If At First You Don't Succeed, Try R-ing TFM”

[*] Not much to do apart from repel Pfhor boarding parties and watch as the battle unfolds. The UESC gets their collective ass kicked, thanks to a massive tactical screw-up. The Hfarl limps away, chased by Battle Group Two, Central Arm.

04: “I Thought What I'd Do Was, I'd Pretend I Was One Of Those Deaf-Mutes”

[*] Blake tells us the S'pht'Kr haven't shown up. The plan of action is to send us aboard a damaged Pfhor assault cruiser and upload something nasty into the alien mainframe core.

[*] Surviving Pfhor aboard Hfarl must be eliminated and the chip with the virus acquired.

05: “Truth And Defcon” (vacuum level)

[*] We're doing the boarding action this time: a landing on the top of the Pfhor ship's hull followed by an infiltration through a hole blasted by the Hfarl's railguns.

[*] Pfhor in the area must be eliminated, then the chip needs to be plugged into a system bus near the point of entry.

[*] The mainframe crashes, lots of stuff blows up, and we find a new ally: an AI suffering from memory loss.

[*] The AI asks us to help it defend itself against Pfhor retaliation. In return, it will help Blake's crew abandon their crippled ship and get to safety.

06: “G5 Starburning” (vacuum level)

[*] The AI decompresses the rest of the hull, then sends us to the bridge and starts beaming S'pht and VacBOBs aboard. Durandal patches in via long-range communications to offer some advice. He also reveals the fate of the Marathon.

[*] We then head to the mainframe core in order to reconnect the AI's memory banks.

07: “Energizer's Bypassed Like A Christmas Tree”

[*] TyClone, as the AI calls itself, sends us and a platoon of VacBOBs to storm a Pfhor escort ship as a diversion while Blake and the rest of his crew make repairs to the captured cruiser.

[*] The mission goes smoothly until the escort's crew panic and try to activate a self-destruct mechanism. The Tycho clone brings us back to the newly renamed UESC Springfield just before the escort turns into a spatial firework.

[*] Robert Blake calls up in order to express his concerns about the situation.

Marathon: Redemption

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