Thothandal's non-linearity
Posted By: General-RADIXDate: 12/16/20 4:32 a.m.

Writing a separate thread so as not to gunk up the other Infinity thread(s) going on right now. This isn't a new theory of mine, but I've been thinking about it again.

Before I really get into it, I want to make it clear now: I will be extremely irritated if anyone ignores the actual theory I want to discuss in favour of nitpicking time travel mechanics.


Infinity opens with Durandal, at his most vulnerable, begging the Security Officer to find a way to escape the chaos; I don't think it's a coincidence that "Ne Cede Malis" ends with the SO encountering another green AI who pulls him out of the current timeline.

(There's plenty of debate on whether or not the SO is making all these jumps himself; for the purpose of this discussion, I'll say that the very first jump was assisted and the rest weren't.)

This AI then appears in every instance of "Electric Sheep" to offer cryptic advice and insight to the SO while he's trying to figure out what to do next (which is what the non-subplot parts of the dream levels could be seen as, given their multiple exits). They (the AI) clearly have some knowledge of the multiple timelines the SO must traverse, and seem to care about the SO enough to do this in the first place. Maybe it's just me, but these messages imply a sort of openness and vulnerability, too--kind of like Durandal in "Ne Cede Malis". Hm.

Right after the SO is forced to mercy-kill Durandal in "Hang Brain", he gets a surprise visit from the mysterious AI. That's a hell of a time for them to be showing up outside of a dream level, don't you think? Here, and especially in Electric Sheep Three, they emphasize to the SO that he's finally found the right path and encourage him to stay to it, no matter how agonizing it may be going forward.

The SO reluctantly returns to that point in Rage part 2 and is arrested along with Tycho by a very angry Tfear. From that point on, the SO bides his time until he can do what needs to be done with Durandal's primal pattern. Eventually, he meets up with Thoth, who's not in great shape; upon transferring what's left of his friend to the old ibis...

The resulting hybrid AI is, in fact, the same one that's been acting as the SO's beacon in the darkness. Everything's come full circle, and the SO and Thothandal are able to finally bring an end to this madness.


From a thematic standpoint: while there are other factors in successfully stuffing the W'rkncacnter back in its can, Thothandal's (re)birth seems to be the most important one. Durandal, on his own, may have had some idea of how to operate the Jjaro station, but not extensively or swiftly enough to re-seal the W'rk in time. Thoth would probably know, but he's a tad indisposed.

So, I think it's appropriate that, in a situation that requires extensive space-time travel, you're being guided towards the metaphorical key by the key themselves. Thothandal is part-Jjaro; I don't think it's entirely out of the realm of possibility that he could time-jump to some capacity as well. (Again: Thothandal is the only entity besides the SO who's aware of the multiple timelines--at least, from the start. Tycho does realize what's going on near the end somehow, but it caused him to snap.)

It makes the payoff of finally merging Durandal and Thoth in the present all the better, IMO.


Now...would any of this be Story Page-worthy beyond a mention in the updates? No idea, but it'd be nice if it was. XD;

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