Re: Thothandal's non-linearity
Posted By: PhiltronDate: 12/16/20 2:03 p.m.

In Response To: Thothandal's non-linearity (General-RADIX)

The problem with your theory is you make a bunch of assumptions not supported by what happens in the game and you flat out make up some stuff whole cloth, to the point that you're basically writing fan fiction and not actually interpreting or analyzing the narrative.

: Infinity opens with Durandal, at his most vulnerable, begging the Security
: Officer to find a way to escape the chaos;

Durandal isn't begging. What are you even talking about? Why exaggerate Durandal's behavior like this?

: "Ne Cede Malis" ends with the SO encountering
: another green AI who pulls him out of the current timeline.

Provide some supporting evidence for this. Where in any Textual or meta-Textual source do you get the impression this is an AI? (Also it isn't green, the text is white.)

: They (the AI) clearly have some
: knowledge of the multiple timelines the SO must traverse

If this is the case, then where else in the story do we see an AI that is aware of multiple timelines taking place? None, really. And I disagree that Tycho has a clue in Bagged Again; he's been tortured and imprisoned and is being contained by Tfear's compilers; he has clearly become unhinged and even if we listen to what he says, it's not clear what he thinks he knows. Aside from him though, none of the other confirmed characters seem to express any idea of what's going on.

: and seem to care
: about the SO enough to do this in the first place.

Or they just want to stop the W'rk. You are inventing emotional states for characters that aren't there.

: he gets a surprise visit from the mysterious AI.

Again, what evidence is there that this is an actual character who is an AI?

: The SO reluctantly returns to that point in Rage part 2

What in the world makes you think he does this reluctantly? Again, this is fan fiction you're writing. We get no information on how the main character feels or what he thinks.

: The resulting hybrid AI is, in fact, the same one that's been acting as the
: SO's beacon in the darkness.

How? And how?

: From a thematic standpoint: while there are other factors in successfully
: stuffing the W'rkncacnter back in its can, Thothandal's (re)birth seems to
: be the most important one.

No. Thematically the most important part is that the main character develops his free will to the point of gaining actual, total freedom.

: So, I think it's appropriate that, in a situation that requires extensive
: space-time travel, you're being guided towards the metaphorical key by the
: key themselves. Thothandal is part-Jjaro;

: I don't think it's entirely out
: of the realm of possibility that he could time-jump to some capacity as
: well.

Again, aside from your assumptions, where in the Text does anything support the notion that S'pht-Durandal is capable of some time-jump abilities? They clearly aren't aware of what is happening in Infinity's story and don't understand the main characters nature until the closure of the universe. So, as far as I can see, the Text actively conflicts with your interpretation.

On top of that, S'pht-Durandal guiding the main character would undermine the importance of the main character's freewill (which is clearly an important thematic element in the story), and it would also conflict with the declaration at the end that he is "destiny". You can't be "destiny" if someone else is the one showing you the way forward.

This is really just a bunch of fan fiction, which is fine, I have no problems with fan fiction, but it isn't an interpretation of the story we're actually shown.

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