Eternal Volunteers: Shp't Happens
Posted By: blake37Date: 1/28/05 11:46 a.m.

We find ourselves in the middle of a battle between Sph't defenders, and the red ones don't like us one bit. And a sense of Deja vu falls over us. Ah, yes, the good ole Citidel, evidently during the war between the Shp't clans. We find this to be true when we read Leela's message. Hathor has been here for a while, at least acroding to clues, but those are somewhat sckechy as the Shp't net is almost organic in nature, and structured like those of man. We are told to not just kill something to solve the problem, but to explore a bit, and the only way to go is up

Notes thus far: It's a but confusing to have the red guys after us, because we're used to red shp't being 'Kr and on our side, but it's not that bad, just somewhat weird at first. Also, the room at the base of the Citidel seems smaller then the other times we've been here. Also, dead ticks are sometimes seen floating in mid air.

As we head up using teleporters, bad sph't wiil beam in, so keep on your toes. When we get to the top, we find a terminal that works, and the logon sybol is reminisent of the S'bauth (I cannot spell that name for crap, so if it's wrong, correct and forgive me) ones we see after his merger with Durandal in MI. The entity that speaks with us turns out to be S'bauth, older (not elder) of the 'Kr. He tells us about what he thinks we are, and to seek another place to talk, way down below.

Notes: I just think it would be really cool if that top level had a window(s)looking down upon the landscape, like in The Hard Stuff Rules.

So we go back down, and through the now open door into the room with the not yet secret door, and find that that place has changed, or will change, or whatever. S'bauth gives us the mission of killing the 'Hra that are fighting the 'Kr, so after we save, we do just that. using the teleporters, hit all switchs and kill all red Sph't. With that all done, read S'bauth's message, and he tells us to help the 'Kr escape the violence, fullfiling the history terminals from our adventures with durandal.

This is a good, fun level, although the thing with hitting switchs to open all the 'Hra rooms can get confusing if you miss a wsitch, wich happened to me once, and took me an hour to finish the level.

One last note: you can only pick up one Orb, instead of a bunch, but since one seems to last a good long time, that shouldent be an issue.

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Eternal Volunteers: Shp't Happensblake37 1/28/05 11:46 a.m.
     Sph't happens.. that's really clever. ^_^ *NM*K-chi 1/28/05 1:26 p.m.
           clever, yes.. but hardly original. *NM*tcm 1/28/05 2:25 p.m.
                 I've never heard it before. So sue me. *NM*K-chi 1/28/05 7:18 p.m.
                       okay. *NM*tcm 1/28/05 8:29 p.m.
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