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More plants of the Delta Halo control room
Posted By: GradyDate: 1/17/05 4:06 p.m.

In Response To: Re: That's a great theory. This should be on the H (Anton P. Nym (aka Steve))

: I think you may have stumbled across something in your "Plants of the
: Delta Halo" article. (just got around to reading it now... Christmas
: knocked a hole in my forum reading.) You draw particular attention to the
: storyline resonances from the Western Cedar. I agree, and that agreement
: has only been strengthened after hearing Gravemind complain about the
: "progress of eternity". Remember that one of the ancient names
: for the Lebanese Cedar was "tree of life" because of all the
: antifungal and antibiotic properties present within the wood. (Well, it
: was from their observation that cedar doesn't rot as quickly and that
: salves made from the sap helped infections.

: As a result, the cedar is symbolic of immortality and eternity. (See Niven's
: stories about Protectors; his take on "tree of life" is a bit
: different, but it's still based on the same Babylonian myth.)

: Is the presence of cedars outside the Halo 05 Control Room a symbolic tie
: between the Flood and the search for immortality?

Could be. I think the Forerunners wouldn't plant trees in honor of their enemies, but it might be more oriented toward a search for immortality of their own, and the Flood might have been part of that. (They're certainly able to go dormant for millennia, yet still be able to infect new hosts when they awaken.) Things still don't add up for me; I think there are some important pieces of the puzzle that we're missing when it comes to the Forerunners' relationship with the Flood. Good catch with the link to Niven's "tree of life" -- after all, the Protectors were the ones who built the original Ringworld.

On a side note, I spotted a tree on The Great Journey of a type I hadn't noticed before, or included in my original plants post. On the beach where the Scarab starts out, at the opposite end as the door the Brutes are initially guarding, there's a lone maple tree at the edge of the cliff. It's probably a bigleaf maple, which is native to the Pacific Northwest. According to Plants of the Pacific Northwest Coast, these maples can carry more moss than any other Northwest tree, so much that in the Olympic Rainforest some trees show no visible bark on the trunk and main branches. (The tree in the game doesn't have any moss on it, though.) It's called the "paddle tree" in many native languages because its wood was used to make canoe paddles, as well as various other implements. Maple stumps sprout vigorously after cutting, and sprouts can grow over three meters in a year.

Maybe this maple tree is symbolic in the game of travel ("paddle tree") or renewal (fast regrowth) ... or maybe it's just there to look pretty. Its leaves are turning color, after all.

Plants of the Delta Halo control room

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