No Go - STDIN problems? (was: Empty Output)
Posted By: AntarcticoDate: 9/3/13 10:53 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Empty Output (was: Hopper's rsrc2mml.pl Utilit (Hopper)

: : my Perl Windows install does NOT contain "Macbinary.pm"

: That file is in the classic-mac-utils directory on GitHub. (You do not want a
: different one: the others out there have bugs that will fail to unpack
: some Marathon files.) The script expects to find it in the same directory
: as the script itself; if you download the whole folder from GitHub, you
: should be fine. Of course, you should also be getting an error message
: from Perl if that's the problem.

I got your the version of Macbinary.pm from your classic-mac-utils directory and dropped it into my lib folder along with macbin2rsrc.pl and macbin2data.pl (in my case the path worked out to "J:\Apps\Dwimperl\perl\lib"). The results were not useful, again 0 byte output files. To test to see if the scripts were running at all, I inserted "print "Hello World.\n";" lines in to the two .pl files and then my output file was not 0 bytes but contained "hello world". As a further test, I removed my test line from the .pl files and it to Macbinary.pm, again my output file now contained "hello world". What I concluded from this is that perl found all three files and ran them, even if not in a useful way.

So, I gave up on the MacBinary conversion scripts and found a very functional Windows command line .exe, Mac Binary Converter that would do the conversion and splitting of the resource and data forks. Having done that, and now having converted and split data and resource files, when trying to run rsrc2mml.pl I get this error:

Use of uninitialized value $rsize in addition <+> at J:\Apps\Dwimperl\perl\lib\rsrc2mml.pl line 278

Line 278 is:

$BLOBoff += $rsize

My feeling is there is a problem with STDIN reading the source file and $rsize is not being filled (initialized) with any value. Line 277 being:

my $rsize = read STDIN, $chunk, $size;

Which is where, I assume, the variable $rsize is supposed to be filled with the raw data from the source file.

Any thoughts as to what is going awry? :)

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