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Re: Little Help Please
Posted By: Simpsons RuleDate: 6/14/05 10:52 p.m.

In Response To: Little Help Please (Tyce)

: I recently read the below theory and found it to be the part of Halo Theory
: that i like. I have a few questions, and a few things someone might look
: into.\
: First off, i would like to know where i can read the Cortana letters. Would
: someone be so kind as to send me a link?
: Secondly, i would like to read these poems metioned below by William Blake
: that somehow relate to this. Once again, a link would be very nice.

: Now i have a theory.
: ITs agreed that the Elites and Prophets were at one time in a war. I have
: also read theory that peace was established when they found a Forerunner
: artifact. Now this artifact would have needed to be something they
: salvaged, to gain space travel. My friend has said that it could have
: infact been High Charity they found, but i dont think so. I think it was
: the ship that powers High Charity. The races figured out how to work it
: and used it to start their search for Forerunner artifacts.
: Now i need to state that this coul dhave happened any time. The 100,000 years
: war, was either a dispute between the Forerunners and Prophets, or a war
: between the Forerunners and Flood.
: Now, as we all should know, Halo two takes place in the "Ninth Age of
: Reclemation." I have three theories on how an age starts. One: A new
: generation of Prophets. Two: Everytime the Covenant find a signifficant
: Forerunner artifact or technological advancement. Three: Every set amount
: of time.
: Now i think that long ago, the Forerunners left their worshipers, behinde
: when the rings were activated. The Prophets thought that the Forerunners
: went on The Great Journey into paradise, when infact the basically
: committed mass sucide toprevent the flood from getting out of control.
: However, the prophets where not the only subjects, Humans were too. Or
: Humans are stranded or surviving Forerunners.
: The first would spark a rivalry between humanity and the Prophets because of
: the compettion for respect in the Forerunners eyes. The seconed would
: spark a pure hatred for leaving them behind, when in fact they were saved.
: The Covenant now want to go to the paradise they belive the Forerunners went
: to, making sure Humans do not go.
: And its likely/possible that the Prophets also Hate the Elites, and every
: other race in the Covenant. The Prophets betrayed the Elites because they
: found new, better, stupider followers, the Brutes. They do away with the
: worthless and ones who are intelligent enough to figure out the truth, In
: time, i think the Prophets will also betray the brutes.
: thanks for listening. Answer my questions and speculate away.

The Cortana letters, as per your request:

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