Volunteers: You Think You're Big Time
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 12/4/01 11:02 a.m.

This level is the closest thing Marathon Infinity has to a boss encounter. No exploration, no mission, just you versus some very powerful monsters. Bring it on, vid boi :P

In sequence, you will face super-powerful Fighters, Troopers, and Hunters (and a relatively normal Juggernaut). However, you will want to be careful when killing them to ensure that you get access to the level's secret. Don't let any of them fall in the lava, and make sure you kill the Fighters with something other than rockets, grenades, or flame, and for Hunters fusion is out too. Doing this will let you get the six repair chips you need to switch one of the terminals to a teleporter down to the secret ammo area.

There's not much strategy here that we don't know already, there's more than enough space for a reasonably skilled Marathoner to take on a mere two monsters (but don't try the Vidmaster Challenge version :P ). The Hunters are the most dangerous because their bolts are now guided, and circle strafing both of them at once is a difficult maneuver.

The terminal in here has a lot to tell us, if we can figure out how to read it. "Doubt, fear all blend"? If Tycho is doubt, who is fear? I believe that Tycho is already dead, destroyed by Durandal or the Pfhor he tricked, and this little diversion he arranged is his last chance to posthumously destroy us (the ammo would be sent by Durandal, to help us survive). The terminal mentions merging, finally saying that "you and we are one". Who merged? Who is the terminal meant to address? Perhaps the Jjaro make all their creations part of one collective unconscious, and the Marine's ascension means that he is now of one mind with Durandal, Thoth, and S'bhuth. The last terminals on this level may be representative of that communication, with information coming from both the arena's computers and the Marine's implants, which would explain why they seem to contain several messages at once. We learn at last what the W'rkncacnter is and why it is so fearful, and at long last we learn how the Jjaro defeated it and how we may defeat it again.

(Disclaimer: What I'm about to suggest here, and when we do Aye Mak Sicur, is some rather shaky reasoning that has no real evidence in the game; it's just something I'm using to plasuibly cause the end of Infinity to take place in the same universe as the beginning, so that there is only one "Marathon universe" for all of Marathon's stories, original and 3rd party, to exist in.)

The terminals on the upper level indicate the final growth of the Marine from an enhanced human warrior into the most powerful being in all the universes. There is one power that the Marine does not yet have, that would be necessary for true omnipotence: The ability to look across space and time without actually going there, or to perceive more than one universe at a time. We've seen him try to do this before, when he jumps from Hang Brain to You're Wormfood Dude and back to By Committee (I agree with everyone who has said that HB and BC take place in the same universe) to see how the universe will end and take that into account when planning his actions. But if he was able to merely look across time, he would have perfect foresight, and always be able to do the correct thing and follow the path to victory, no matter how clouded. The terminals on this level are the first time he is able to use this ability, reading terminals everywhere and everywhen at the same time, finding the moment where S'bhuth tells him (or anyone) about the W'rkncacnter, and the moment when K'lia returns (which can't be in the this universe since K'lia is already back, witness the S'pht'kr on the previous level), and all the other information he needs about the battle so long ago (see Six Thousand Feet Under). He may be reading this terminal as it appears in every universe there is, when every possible combination of events happened. Now he is ready to leap back to his "home" universe, tell Durandal all he has learned, and prevent the release of the W'rkncacnter. We're going to that ancient Jjaro station for the last time...

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