Eight Glorious Years
Posted By: Wejam The CarterDate: 9/20/03 7:50 a.m.

I don't know if anybody observed it ( I know I didn't until just now. But yesterday the 19th was the Eighth anniversery of the Marathon Story page. Eight years, WOW, I know the whole "7" year thing is old news. That's still 7 years, 11 months, and 28 days longer than the Doom Story Page lasted "The game started, you blow up a sh!t load of stuff, then the game ended". I'd like to think I was there since the begining, but I didn't have a modem then, but still I will say that the Marathon story page was the second website I ever visited, the first being the Bungie website which provided the link to this sight, and I've kept comeing back ever since. Eventhough I've found new passions to follow, and given up on a few others, marathon still remains one of my ever enduring pastimes. Anyway, hats off to Hamish, wherever he is. Again I'd like to thank all members on the Marathon community the Elite and the newbies alike.

The final words of the master came to the
Olders: "Don't mistake your rank and number
for superiority. The oldest child may
learn from the youngest."

Marathon Forever, Carnage forever, Blam, your Mom! Dink.
Wejam the Carter

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