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Posted By: PhiltronDate: 10/4/20 6:30 a.m.

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Oh, also another point.

If Thoth was the source of the timeline jumps then what is the going on in the prologue level, Ne Cede Malis?

Did Thoth get awakened right in that moment and initiates a timeline jump? Did he get awakened earlier and only now decides to do a timeline jump? Then why doesn't he wait in the other timelines, why does he jump us immediately? Is Thoth even present in Ne Cede Malis? There's no mention of him or the S'pht'kr in any terminals. Yes, there's the poetic terminal of white text, but that doesn't necessarily mean its Thoth himself.

See what I mean when I say viewing the jumps diegetically just creates more questions than answers?

Also, viewing the timeline jumps as diegetic doesn't fit with the start of the game and Ne Ceded Malis, where we don't see the prior timeline. It's not really M2, because things seem different in Malis than the way they ended in M2. The prologue seems to be cluing the player into the fact that we aren't experiencing things in the linear way the characters do.

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