Infinity's Plot
Posted By: Tim "Mordeir" BraninDate: 10/2/20 7:13 p.m.

Has anyone laid out the Plot of Marathon infinity? Not merely charting the sequence of events that take place ever the course of the game, but plot points driven by character motivation.

For instance, rereading M∞'s terminal text from the first chapter Despair, I kind of see a certain logic to it. In Ne Cede Malis Durandal says "But in their final gasp they used a weapon that I thought they had retired, even Tycho tried to keep them from using it." This establishes the primary motivation of the game; stop the Tri xeem from being used, and also sets up your motivation for helping Tycho in the next chapter. If Tycho supposedly tried to stop the Pfhor from using the Tri Xeem, it would be in your best interest to assist him in doing so. That's why most of what you're doing in "Despair" is helping Tycho in his power grab against Captain R'chzne which give him control of his ship and the Tri Xeem. However once you succeed in that task, it's made clear that Tycho is a bit more cavalier when it comes to usage of Weapons of Universal Destruction than durandal had predicted, thus forcing you to go back and try again.
"My ship carries the tri xeem--the early nova device. One way or another, it ends here."
Tycho, Confound Delivery (Terminal 2: 2nd Message)

Are there any other plot motivators laid out in text similarly for subsequent chapters?

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