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Posted By: Durandal_1707Date: 10/4/20 6:48 p.m.

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: Plus--despite him joking about the SO staying behind, I'm pretty sure
: Durandal took the SO with him at the end of M2; otherwise, the "we're
: going to chase down this rouge star together!"/teleport-out doesn't
: make any sense. And, yannow, "you know I'd never let you go".
: And Durandal not being that much of a dick anymore at this point in
: general.

: (Incidentally, my take on Infinity's timeline-jumping: SO is doing it by
: himself, albeit guided by Thothandal down the right path.)

M2 ended with things looking like the SO was pretty much doomed to be enslaved to Durandal for eternity. This seemed like a pretty good ending from a player's point of view (if you claim you weren't looking forward to visiting that rogue star that we were supposedly going to see in the next game, I don't believe you), but from the character's point of view in-universe, it's pretty bleak. Durandal "not being that much of a dick anymore" is really pretty subjective—I'm pretty sure Robert Blake and his men, who high-tailed it out of there immediately upon learning Durandal was alive, wouldn't agree. Neither would, I think, the SO, who went all the way to escaping the universe himself to get free.

As unique as Infinity's story is, I often wonder what GK would have done with the third Marathon game if Double Aught had been given the budget for a new set of planet textures. Presumably, getting finally free of Durandal would have had to have been part of it, although it's hard to imagine how that would happen in the M2 timeline, as invincible as Durandal had become at that point in the story, without some kind of high-concept shenanigans like we saw in Minf.

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