Re: Infinity's Plot
Posted By: General-RADIXDate: 10/4/20 3:33 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Infinity's Plot (Durandal_1707)

: And you delivered yourself from your "service" to Durandal, the
: rampant A.I. whose taste for irony is second only to his unpredictability.
: Durandal, who at last sighting left to tool around the galaxy in a newly
: rechristened Pfhor vessel with a crew of S'pht comrades.

: When did that last paragraph happen? It seems to me that the only way that
: could be true would be if the player's character were responsible for
: what's happening in Infinity, rather than being helplessly pushed around
: by Thoth, the Jjaro, or merged Durandal/Thoth from the future.

Plus--despite him joking about the SO staying behind, I'm pretty sure Durandal took the SO with him at the end of M2; otherwise, the "we're going to chase down this rouge star together!"/teleport-out doesn't make any sense. And, yannow, "you know I'd never let you go". And Durandal not being that much of a dick anymore at this point in general.

(Incidentally, my take on Infinity's timeline-jumping: SO is doing it by himself, albeit guided by Thothandal down the right path.)

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