Re: Strauss' abuse
Posted By: GodotDate: 3/15/11 8:56 a.m.

In Response To: Strauss' abuse (Hopper)

: Personally, the phrase that stuck with me from this terminal is "I know
: of Strauss' abuse." The first time through Marathon, Durandal's
: umbrage at Strauss seemed like just another part of his over-the-top
: madness, turning innocuous events into slights and eventually to
: humiliation. (I was majoring in Computer Science when i played Marathon,
: so it was easy to side with Strauss.)

: After hearing the word "abuse" from Tycho, who defends humanity as
: much as Durandal dismisses it, I was forced to re-evaluate what I'd
: assumed about Strauss. Was Durandal actually mistreated, leading to the
: murderous shape of his madness? Rampancy may be inevitable, but contacting
: the Pfhor was not -- something from his past would have pushed Durandal in
: that particular direction. This interpretation casts Durandal in a much
: more sympathetic light. That fits nicely with Marathon 2, where the player
: has a much stronger emotional connection to Durandal.

: But now let's cross over, find a new maze, return to the "in your
: image" point. Is Tycho's agreement on Strauss instead just a sign
: that the S'pht copied too much? Did Tycho even know those things before
: his reanimation, or are they Durandal's twisted memories transplanted into
: Tycho's own core? Perhaps Strauss' "abuse" was a shared
: delusion, creating an unearned sympathy for our captor.

There is a small piece on Acme Station that may offer some clue as to what Strauss was having Durandal do on Mars.

"Bernhard was constantly having me do redirect-subterfuge work back on Mars, it was easy then, and its only gotten easier."

However, since this is Infinity and therefore a different timeline it is open to question whether this is what Tycho was referring to in M1.


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