Re: hidden Tycho terminal
Posted By: JabberwokDate: 3/15/11 9:34 a.m.

In Response To: Re: hidden Tycho terminal (Godot)

Hmm, didn't really think about the second stage comment. What is that, Despair? So postponing this would keep him in the Anger stage? He presents this as a benefit. I'm going to have to revisit the entry on Rampancy to hopefully understand this better.

Thinking waaayy back, I don't remember the Tycho terminals at all from my first playthrough of the game (I was 13 or 14 maybe?). I may have only found them after playing Durandal and Infinity, so I remember finding it almost hard to swallow Tycho's apparent concern for humanity, when I went back and replayed the 1st game. It is certainly a massive switch, but I suppose the later Tycho is a construct of the Pfhor's. Though he's not very nice to them, either.

And Durandal appears to show more concern later on in the series (perhaps in inverse proportion to the number of humans that remain alive). Computers that exhibit more character development than most people in other video games.

: First off, thanks for replying to the question posed on the Story page a few
: weeks ago. At least there are some people who still wish to discuss the
: story.

: You raise some interesting points.

: is Blaspheme Quarantine the level where Durandal first introduces himself?
: No, we are first introduced to him in the Manual (where he tries to kill
: us or perhaps save us?) which makes Leela's comments about Durandal being
: 'disabled' and 'non-functional' all very odd. If only there was a way that
: we could have told that he was alive and well and up to no good. She does
: eventually come to this conclusion herself but only later in the game.
: Durandal also appears on a secret terminal on The Rose.

: Blaspheme Quarantine is not the first time we meet Tycho either. He appears
: on a secret terminal on Defend THIS!. But it is a much easier secret area
: to find since its location is not suppressed in the map displayed in the
: terminal at the start of this level. Same is true for Durandal's secret
: terminal on The Rose. Its location is also shown in the terminal at the
: start of the level.

: The secret terminal on Blaspheme Quarantine is a completely different manner
: of secret area. If one was to rank secret areas it would be orders of
: magnitude more complex than the two mentioned above. Not least because
: there is no map clue to its existence. And that's just the start.

: Lastly, you raise the most interesting point. Why did Tycho say... "The
: S'pht reanimated me in your image, with prior knowledge of how the second
: stage could be postponed. You should not have helped them as much as you
: did; they have created an adversary more powerful than yourself."

: If we could understand the background to this we might be getting somewhere.
: :-)

: Cheers
: Hamish

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