Re: hidden Tycho terminal
Posted By: GodotDate: 3/17/11 1:59 p.m.

In Response To: Re: hidden Tycho terminal (Bob-B-Q)

: Keep in mind that it's on Defend THIS! - level 4 out of 27 - that Leela
: tells us Durandal is already talking to the aliens and has learned some of
: their names. Two levels later, on The Rose , we find Durandal's rant
: about failsafes, backups, hardware lockouts and patch behavior daemons.

Agreed that Durandal was in contact with the S'pht at the early stages of the attack. This is confirmed by Jason Jones who states that he began communicating with them at the very start of the invasion. Of course, if this was the case why would Tycho describe Durandal as an adversary to the S'pht on Blaspheme Quarantine. That doesn't quite gel.

Point taken about Durandal's rant on The Rose. Though this could also be interpreted as him describing his situation prior to the Pfhor attack. A situation he had been in for over 300 years.

: If Strauss was in fact up to no good, and said no-gooding involved Durandal,
: he would have needed some kind of insurance against his lab rat getting
: loose. Perhaps Durandal sent the player to find Strauss for reasons more
: practical than revenge - and then found a way to disable the insurance
: without needing Strauss in the meantime, leading to his apparent lack of
: further interest in Strauss' whereabouts.

Durandal certainly gives you the impression that he wants you to rescue Strauss. He sends you to the Pfhor ship twice for that purpose. And on your second return he never mentions Strauss again. But in M2 we learn that Durandal wanted to make him experience the humiliation that he inflicted on Durandal, but Strauss died before he could do so. So this is the most likely reason why he wanted you to find him in the first place.

: Alternatively, perhaps Durandal was just going bonkers and helped the S'pht
: with Tycho because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

Hmmm... not really Greg's style. But only he can say for sure.


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