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Marine Trapping on The Silent Cartographer
Posted By: PerseusSpartacus <>Date: 8/13/12 2:00 a.m.

While messing around with Marine Blasting on The Silent Cartographer, I found a fun little trick you can play on the Marines from Halo 1 with very little work or set-up.

How to Set Up the Fun:

1. Grab the Warthog from the beginning of the level and fill it with Marines. Bring it to somewhere near the staging area from Marine Blasting (I believe Rockslider refers to it as 'Grunt Hill', in light of how the weather tends to be rather grunt-ish in that area).
2. Grab the other two Warthogs on the map and fill them up with Marines, bringing them to where you left the first Warthog.
3. Shut down the security system. This will trigger a downed Pelican and some enemies to spawn near 'Grunt Hill'.
4. Kill the enemies near 'Grunt Hill', all of them.
5. Move your Warthogs closer to the hill, if you had them parked a ways away from it.
6. Bring a Warthog up to the top of the hill (it may seem like you can't get past that first tree, but you can squeeze through if you go full throttle; also, be careful on the windy path up, otherwise you may fall off). There's a gap between the downed Pelican and the cliff of the hill. Bring your Warthog so the gunner seat is situated just above the gap. Take your time, don't rush, or you'll probably fall off.
7. Release the gunner. He'll drop down into the gap between the Pelican and the cliff of the hill, where he will remain trapped.
8. Position the passenger seat so it, too, is just above the gap. Now release the passenger. He should drop down alongside the gunner you released.
9. Drive the Warthog off the hill (not on top of the Marines you just dropped down; you don't want to squish them yet).
10. Repeat steps 6-9 for the other Warthogs, until you've released all the Marines into the gap.
11. Get a checkpoint nearby. I would recommend hopping in a Warthog and backing up into the checkpoint between 'Grunt Hill' and the place you were dropped into at the beginning of the level, so you are closer to the Pelican. Whatever checkpoint you use, save it so you can repeat your fun again and again.

Voila! You are now ready for the fun to begin.

Having Your Fun:

First, you should know that, when you return to the downed Pelican, you'll find most of the Marines running up against the wall, hopelessly attempting to escape their prison. I presume this is because they are set to head back to 'home' whenever they aren't in a Warthog. However, they don't fully recognize the presence of the Pelican, so they just keep running... and running... and running...

Fun Thing to Do #1 - I've noticed that some of the Marines will just sit around, completely idle. If you fire a shot, they go 'Woah' or something like that, and stare at where you shot for a few seconds, then go idle again. Once they've gone idle again, you can surprise them once more with another shot. They keep doing this over and over. It's really quite amusing. Just goes to show how dumb Marines are. ;)

Fun Thing to Do #2 - The next fun thing to do, of course, is kill the Marines. There are various methods for it. One way might be to send a rocket in from above. That always has a nice touch, especially with six Marines all being vaporized at once. Quite a scream-fest, it is. Another method might be a grenade. A frag is obvious, but it doesn't give them that 'Oh, great' moment, even theoretically. They just get an 'Oh- BOOM!!!' moment. Instead, try tagging one on the head with a plasma. You might get a nice cry of anquish before the scream-fest starts up again. Now, here's a challenge for you: try pulling head-shots on every one of the Marines. No mess-ups. Every shot hits it's target, or you fail. Pretty tough, especially with all that ducking and rolling, along with how deadly those ARs can be once their business ends are pointing your way. If you just want some rapid slaughter, try hopping in among the Marines and cutting them down with an AR. You can get quite a splatter-mark on the ground from all the blood flying.

Fun Thing to Do #3 - I know this is sort of a sub-set of #2, but it's just so fun I thought it deserved it's own section. Take your Warthog up to the top of the hill, just like you did earlier. Only this time, it's not a Marine that's coming down. As soon as you have the Warthog in position above where the Marines are, hop out and thwack it off the cliff. Look out, Marines! Splat. Hey, don't blame me for squishing them. If they can't see a hulking great jeep hurtling towards them, it's their own fault for getting crushed to death. ;)

Fun Thing to Do #4 - Now that you have six of the Marines in the gap, you can head back to 'home' and grab the remaining Marines with your Warthogs. Then, drive those Warthogs back to the hill and drop more Marines down. Pretty soon, these guys will have to stand on each-other's heads in order for there to be enough room.

These are probably just some of the various fun things to do with this situation. I'm sure you could find many more interesting activities (Hunters, anyone?) For now, I'll leave it at that.


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