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Marine Blasting on The Silent Cartographer
Posted By: PerseusSpartacus <>Date: 6/26/12 4:12 p.m.

NOTE: All of my testing has been on Halo PC.

I recently tried to email Rockslider about some fun you can have on The Silent Cartographer, but he said he was too busy. Therefore, I shall give my knowledge to you, the humble masses. ;)

Before reading any further, you should read some of the material on Rockslider's website: go here for a description of Hunter Fireworks, and here for a description of release lines.

The basic idea of this fun is that you can modify a potential Hunter Firework into a frozen bomb. This bomb can then be dropped into the midst of a maximum of six Marines, all in Warthogs, blowing them all to smithereens. Sadistic? You betcha. Fun? Oh yeah.


First, you should start the level on Easy, that way the Hunters don't kill you so easily and so that you have some reasonably healthy (or at least living) Marines for having fun with. As soon as the Warthog is fully manned, drive it off to the plateau that the Pelican crashes into later on. Drive the Warthog far into the sea, that way when you lure the Hunter through later on, the Marines don't shoot at him. Now, fight your way to the security substation and deactivate it.

Now, grab the Warthog in the ammo pile near the fallen log and kill the newly spawned enemies at the Pelican plateau. Bring both Warthogs back to the beachhead with all the Marines, get it fully manned, and bring it back to where you left the first Warthog. You now have a full set of Marines to blow up. But don't kill them yet, 'cause there's a better way to blow them up than with rockets or grenades.

Fight your way through the guards at the map-room until you reach the room with two Hunters and lots of Jackals. Kill all the Jackals and one of the Hunters, but leave one Hunter alive; he'll be your bomb later on. Lure the Hunter away using the swipe-dodge method that you can read about here. Bring the Hunter back to the Pelican Plateau, and leave him standing relatively close to the ocean. I say close to the ocean because the release line is sort of in between the plateau and the main cliff, so it's best if you keep him closer to the sea.

Now, head back to the room that the Hunters were in. Eventually, you'll cross a loading point. When that happens, head back to the Hunter, and you'll find him frozen just like in Elite Fireworks. Now, bring the Warthogs containing Marines a bit closer (right to the edge of the water off to the side of the Hunter is a good place). Now, make sure you have a full set of plasma grenades, and grab a checkpoint like you might in Massed Hunters. Save this checkpoint - it will be the base save for your fun.

Now hop in a Warthog and drive it to the opposite side of the Hunter (closer to the cliff). Drive straight through the Hunter and spin around as you come through him. This will kill him, and you should now get a checkpoint - the game now considers all enemies in the Hunter chamber dead, at which point it is set to give you a checkpoint. Save this checkpoint, and you will have completed your set-up.

Having your Fun:

Time to have fun with your set-up. Before you do this, however, you want to get familiar with where the Hunter is gonna 'go'. I say this because, by running over the Hunter, you have sort of launched him, causing him to fly through the air briefly. Get familiar with where he lands. How do you do that? Like I said earlier, there is a release line between the plateau and the cliff. Cross it and the Hunter will perform it's death animation and launch. Once you've got an idea of where it lands, you can have your fun:

1 - Move one or more of the Warthogs over to where the Hunter will land.
2 - Tag the frozen Hunter with all your plasma grenades.
3 - Cross the release line.

The Hunter should land in the middle of the Marines with plasma grenades still fizzing. Eventually, the grenades go off all at once, blowing the Warthogs and the Marines to kingdom come. Quite a spectacular sight. You can also add another step to your fun. After you tag the Hunter with your grenades, fire your weapon while standing near the Hunter. The Marines will look at you like "What are you doing?" However, when they see the grenades, they will start staring at them even after you cross the release line, making the situation all the more comedic.

Additional set-up Tips:

When manning your Warthogs with Marines, it might be a good idea to make sure that Stacker gets in one of the Warthogs. He adds new fun to the whole thing. You could even blow up everyone except him, at which point he'll say some fun thing like "My men are not the enemy!"

Weapon choices don't really matter. A Rocket Launcher might be useful for modifying where the Hunter lands, but I generally just use it to deal with survivors (sometimes a Marine will survive the explosion, though when that happens, he often gets launched into the ocean, dying from the fall). A Pistol is useful for drawing Marine attention like I mentioned earlier.

Spare grenades would be nice, but it'd be very difficult, if not impossible, to do, especially on Easy. You'd have to lure Grunts and Elites to just the right spot and then kill them right there, hoping they drop spare plasmas. In sum, better to just stick with the usual four plasmas you have in your inventory.

I hope you enjoyed this summary of what you can do on The Silent Cartographer.


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