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You need a refresher Free ;)

Posted By: Moridin <bmabbott@att.net>
Date: 7 June 2001, 02:09

In Response To: Thoughts... Stream of conciousness... (Miguel)

You should probably go to the Midwest Gathering afterall, and take a spin or two on the L trains :) (For the rest of you, Midwest Gathering is a get-together us Clan Plaid types have in Chicago every year.)

"Elle" is in fact a French name, but I don't think Chelsea is refering to a woman. Elle is pronounced "L", which is also slang for an Elevated Train, the public transportation of choice in Chicago.

And the Foreman does tell "Elle" where to be. If by "Foreman" Chelsea means the guy in charge of the "L" trains, then they make the routes and schedules. If she means the Foreman in charge of actually laying the track, then he too could be said to be the one who "told Elle where to be".

As for the bright glasses...although in most places the L trains are above ground and elevated, there are sections where they run underground as a subway, as Chelsea discribes. And, when underground, Elle does wear "bright glasses", aka head lights :)

So, it seems to me that Chelsea is clearly describing waiting for an Elevated Train, although what this has to do with the glyphs I can't even begin to guess...


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