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Posted By: Angus
Date: 7 June 2001, 01:58

Perhaps we should take Chelsea's directions more literally and decode the glyphs in only seven steps.
ie: ESE=East by South East

The not going further approach works for G7 Which is the only "truth" we have so far. To date we can get, (excuse for missing anything but there is a lot out there)

G1=first century
one in a hundred

45 7/10

G3=east by south east


G5=Knarlak the Defiled, Eater of Withered Souls, Devourer of Worlds, End of All Ends, Despoiler of Nice Things, Whose True Form Rot Flesh
the most convincing one I came across was distillation or something the someone pulled off of symbols.com it seems to have been buried in the bowels of the forum. Shame really.

G6=can't be an eqoation if we have to translate first, perhaps it is a word and c and e are simply c and e


We need to work on G5 and 6 the most followed closely by G2 whose anwser to me doesn't seem logical enough.

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