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Re: Ooooooh, ouch...

Posted By: Claude Errera <errera@bungie.org>
Date: 6 June 2001, 13:54

In Response To: Ooooooh, ouch... (Locucious)

> My rough translation: We're all very bright and all but we're barking up
> the completely wrong tree. Chelsea's waiting patiently for us to make some
> progress and we haven't come up with a shred of solution except 74.
> Apparently we can't follow directions.

> Well heck, that's nice. Apparently we were given clear directions and
> didn't even recognize them. Sure, we should be able to decode vague,
> poetic directions, but this puzzle can encompass ANYTHING. We know it
> deals with Marathon, but we don't know what the glyphs represent, how to
> play with them, and what their members mean. And judging by what we've
> found out so far, answers can come from anywhere at all. I guess we're
> just too stupid. But it would also be a bad idea for someone to come out
> and tell us, otherwise the puzzle wouldn't be a puzzle, now would it?

Okay, okay... I was gonna stay out of this part... but you guys are REALLY starting to misunderstand poor Chelsea.

That wasn't a slam, or contempt... that was an honest-to-goodness clue. Obscure, yeah... but a clue, nonetheless. It made no judgements on the work you've done to date - it's totally new information.

> Well, let's give this post a look-see anyway. "Tubulae" probably
> means multiple tubes, or paths. Sounds like an underground network, a cave
> of sorts. We're supposed to arrive at a "location" via
> "directions." But we don't know what either are.

Man, you don't know how close you are...

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