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Simulation/plot speculation
Posted By: Forensic <>Date: 12/29/99 7:42 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Halo orbit simulation (Bounty)

> On the page you said you haven't watched it long enough to see
> if it's stable, well it certainly is not, it ends up being
> pulled by the giant's gravity into a spinning frenzy :)

Interesting to note that if you let it run, the satellite will smack into the planet multiple times. Could this tie in the the printed rumor that the Halo will crash into the gas giant?

The way I see it working, the Halo has been getting along fine for millenia at the L4 point. Then, something shifts it out of place far enough that it begins to look like the satellite in the simulation. The orbit becomes erratic, it eventually starts flying all over the place (wreaking havoc on the weather?), and eventually falling into the planet.

Candidates for the shift: The force of the crash of the humans onto the Halo. (Course, we've heard that they actually crash into the moon. And it would have to be a mighty hard crash.) Humans or Covenants diddling with the instruments, sending it off course. (Or maybe it was built to crash into the planet? Once it hits, the impact makes it do whatever it was supposed to do. Perhaps Cortana activates it?)Or maybe one of the races realizes the danger it poses and shifts it off course purposefully.

Oooh, it's nice to be speculating wildly again.

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