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But.. wait.
Posted By: Xzzy <>Date: 12/28/99 10:14 p.m.

In Response To: Halo orbit simulation (Mike)

> Two halo orbits are demonstrated: one very close to L5, and
> another that makes a really weird-looking wide shape around L4.
> I plan to expand this a bit with some explanation of why this
> works later, but for now, enjoy the applet.

How sure of your math are you? :)

According to this URL:

The L4 and L5 points are supposed to be the /stable/ ones. L1 - L3 are the instable ones. This also makes some interesting problems for Halo. ;)

As, in the movie, it appears that the Halo is at the L1 point. I concede that this may be due to a bad viewing angle, though there IS a point in the Incite movie where you are able to view the moon, Jonesworld, and the Halo all in a straight line (looking through the gas giant).

What this implies, then, is that the Halo is constantly making corrections to it's orbit to maintain a stable position (huge engines? energy fields? making it's own gravity?)

This, furthermore, suggests the possibility that the Halo wasn't built where it is because of a stable orbit; but because it was the best place to put it so it can do whatever magic stuff it does (if the Halo itself does anything at all).

For the best savings in energy, one wants to build a satellite at either L4 or L5.

But I digress. Cool applet man.. is defintly fun to watch the L4 entity fly all over the place. ;) But I dunno if it's accurate.

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