M1-A1 Weid story questions....
Posted By: Ernie TMBMDate: 12/9/01 5:38 a.m.

Hey all....
After leaving the M1-A1 to download and going off for a pre christmas dinner, I came back 4 hours later to find the 50 meg file downloaded.
Yea! I thought, I can now play marathon again without having it be unbearably slow (compared to M2 and Minf...).
After I started Alpheone up.... and went to new game....

I appeared in what looked like a PiD level. wtf?
Shoot me if I'm wrong, but was that always there? After being horribly confused for a while and wandering around... (it like the player was in a dream...) I found my way to an exit... and wound up in the Marathon.

I'm really confused. Really. Why did the developers of M1A1 put that PiD like entrance to 'Arrival'? Are they trying to achieve that surreal I-dont-know-if-its-a-dream-or-reality feeling of Marathon Infinity?

Just a side techinal note.... I ran M1A1 using the Latest version of Alphe One... and played at 3 frams/sec. Im running a Powermac 6500/250 with 64 megs of ram. I just found it funny that the M1A1 team was able to emulate the Marathon 1 experience right down to the speed I use to play it at back in 1995 on my dads Color Classic. :D
(I got the issue solved (kinda) by using a older version of A1... but still.. why the slowdown?)

-Ernie TMBM

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