Air of grievences (Spoilers)
Posted By: Alfred MordeirDate: 12/3/01 6:32 p.m.

I'm sorry, I really am, but Halo was grossly dissapointing. For the following reasons. I admit, none of these complaints are new to this forum, but I like to think I'm adding a new perspective to these complaints

1. Too Short. And if that's not bad enough, the last three levels are all reduxes of previous levels (Forrest Gump impression) "Then I boarded the covenent ship, again, to save captain Keyes, Again."

2. The story. Why is everything always so urgent? Couldn't Bungie have added a few more breaks in the game when we could have sat down and explained a few things. I mean what is the point of desighning models with working mouths when you only stop to talk a handfull of times during the game. and then there's that level "The Library" I was expecting this level to be more like "Hard Stuff rules" where we get to read up on what the hell is going on I mean that would have made for some grade A cut scenes. But no all it is is us battleing wave after wave of flood while that *insert vulgar descriptive noun here* Monitor babbles on about stuff I can't even hear, whitch brings me to my third complaint.

3. Monitor *limp wrist swag* (if you know what I mean)

4.No closure. None what so ever. I mean what was the whole friggin point of the stupid game? I thought this was suppose to be the desideing battle of humanity. Do we gain anything? No. Do we know the location of the Covenent homeworld? No. Is that bastard Monitor burning in artificial intelligence construct Hell with Tycho and Traxus? Apparently not. I know that Bungie wanted to leave an open ending to make way for sequals, but did they have to be so blunt about it. Open ending are fine, as long as you CLOSE SOMETHING. WHAT WERE YOU BORN IN A BARN????

Final thoughts: Frankly I thought the whole thing with the Flood ruined the whole story. They should have stuck to the whole guerilla war thing, and kept the original assumption that the ring was indeed a weapon in the classical sense. I know not much room for plot twists, but lets face it this is where twist FLOPS.
Lastly I'm sorry again for being so bitter, but please understand that I'm set back half a G to play this game. If indeed the PC/Mac Version is more up to speed with what the average Marathon Fan deems acceptable, I might plop another $50 down the coin slot. But it better be damn good.

Well anyway, happy Festivus, with the completion of the Air of Grievences I welcome anyone with contending POV's to join me in Feits of Strength
Alfred Mordeir

P.S. Death to Monitor

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