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Posted By: Max EtchemendyDate: 11/7/01 12:35 p.m.

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Hello all,

How sudden!

I'm the author of the GURPS Marathon site at marathon.stormpages.com. Noticing a puzzling 5-fold increase in my daily hits, I thought I might come here to see if someone had mentioned the site on the forums. :-) I guess my instincts served me well.

In any case, let me just brief everyone on what exactly my project is all about: first, it actually isn't a complete Marathon roleplaying game; it's a Marathon supplement to Steve Jackson Games' Generic Universal Roleplaying System (GURPS). SJ Games lets fans write their own online supplements in order to expand the possible settings for GURPS games. Anyway, I have about 100 pages of this sucker written (I'm shooting for 128 total, but at this point I think a more realistic expectation would be 150 pages, if I include everything I originally wanted), but only the first two chapters or so are online, because I have to convert from a PageMaker document to a web-friendly HTML file, and proofread the original copy as I go.

The project sort of lulled for the past year or so, until someone interested e-mailed me and asked if I would start putting it online. So I went ahead and e-mailed Matt Soell, got the legal "go-ahead" from Bungie, and started putting it online. I'll admit that I haven't put anything new up since mid-October, mainly because I'm working on at least two other major roleplaying projects (not Marathon or Bungie-related) for my own purposes. But if anybody likes what they see so far...well, I'll get cracking.

BTW -- This project has taken WAY more than one year. :-) So it goes.


-Max Etchemendy

P.S. Last I checked, the site was listed in Page 2401. So, if you forget the address, it's there.

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