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Posted By: John SumnerDate: 10/2/01 5:51 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Volunteers: Pfhoraphobia (Hamish Sinclair)

: Interesting point. One wonders if this was done deliberately? Many of the
: Compilers on this level don't react like they do on earlier levels. I've
: always assumed that this was to fit the story at this stage. The S'pht are
: about to be freed so they are less likely to tackle you. Some just stand
: around and do nothing.

: Cheers
: Hamish

Actually, i am wondering if this may be an explanation. After checking through each level of Marathon with Pfhorte, it seems that Pfhoraphobia is the only level where enemies are initially positioned on a teleport polygon. Of the five compilers Mark mentioned that lie at the bottom of the elevator, four of those are positioned on the teleport polygon. They don't seem to be positioned as overlapping. The remaining compiler is positioned right in front, but off the teleport poly. And as i recall from my experience with this level, one of those compilers always seems to wander down the hallway away from the teleporter. It seems like i would always end up having to fight one of those near the elevator, but never the others. I have never seen the others move down the hallway. Has anyone else? The others will shoot at you, but they never seem to get off that polygon. Additionally, in the extreme north of the map, there is another compiler positioned on another teleport polygon. I don't recall ever seeing that one leave the poly either. So i am wondering this: If you position an enemy on a teleport polygon in Marathon, does the game engine not allow that enemy to leave the polygon? Does it act like a "monster impassable" poly? Since i know next to nothing about mapmaking, i cannot answer that question.

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