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Posted By: SidohDate: 10/2/01 4:02 p.m.

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: The level begins in a laboratory area, where Compilers are performing hideous
: experiments on trapped Bobs. These fights are tricky since the seeking
: bolts are very hard to dodge in that sort of layout, so it's usually
: better to bring out a rapid-fire weapon and go toe-to-toe with them in the
: corridors. You can even use your fist if you're low on ammo, but be
: careful to make your stand at a spot where only one compiler can reach you
: at once.

I choose to take this on midway through the level. But thats my thought...

: I chose to scour the rest of the level before taking on the big fights
: leading to the boos, since on my first attempt I survived with very little
: health and got killed by a Fighter, of all things :\. The level is quite
: interconnected, with passageways and teleporters everywhere. Heading down
: the secret door opposite the entrance to the southernmost Compiler lab
: will lead you to the same spot that jumping down to the teleporter in the
: center will.

The inconnectivity of this level gives you a big advantage. Of course theres no rechargers :(.

: When fighting Enforcers, take advantage of the fact that in Marathon 1,
: unique among the games, they are willing to chase you. In Marathon 2 and
: Infinity, Enforcers tend to hang back and wait for you to come to them
: once they find a good spot. Also, note that going through the level
: backwards as I have done negates a number of small ambushes placed
: throughout the passageways; you often come upon fighters from behind as
: they wait for you.

Just dont kill them all in one spot, because on TC you can pick up too many alien weapons.

: At the very bottom of the level is a secret infravision biobus chip, one of
: only two in the single-player game. It doesn't really make things easier,
: the level isn't that dark. But if you pick it up you will probably notice
: that it has several drawbacks that may not have been noticable the first
: time you had one. The Compilers are mostly immune to its sensors, they are
: drawn blue as part of the environment. Also, the rank of enemies is
: disguised, you can't tell if that fighter charging you is a puny Green or
: a (slightly) more dangerous Blue.

Hmm, I usually get that and have one rule : if it shoots, its blue. Otherwise its purple (green?!).

: A number of tricks can make the attack smoother. Firstly, the ambush in the
: approach corridor can be avoided (or at least made far easier to deal
: with) by opening the first door manually and filling the room with burning
: napalm, removing any monsters that would have come up behind you.
: Secondly, taking out the monsters in the cyborg's room itself if easy: Run
: off the ledge backwards and launch a rocket straight down (be careful not
: to pass over or land in the slime pools). As has been noted many times,
: the cyborg itself is quite weak, taking a few shots from the pistol to
: explode.

Or run down and comit suicide. If you kill the cyborg the S'pht SHOULD do the rest. Too bad it doesn't work that quickly...

: The teleporter at the bottom of the main lift has an interesting quirk: There
: are two invisible compilers incorrectly placed on the map so as to be
: overlapping and trapped in place.


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