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: "Michael, finish launch, destination unchanged", the officer spoke
: sitting infront the pilot's chair.
: Without touching anything on his console, he looked over his shoulder to
: Ralph who was clearly unimpressed. "Hmph, damn AI's are
: everywhere".
: The sleek vessel manouvered smoothly out of the bay and made a wide
: half-circle around the shipyard which looked dwarfed next to the almost
: finished solarsail of the CRIST, the ion-thrusters started heating up and
: there was a slow rumble noticeble while the ship accelerated.

: "Well Mr. Cameron, we're about to have 45 hours of doing nothing before
: your new assignment comes in view and the first briefing is scheduled
: right after your 'first contact'."

: "45 hours before visuals..." Ralph was doing some quick
: calculations, but the outcome didn't make any sense. What on Earth was
: going on around Mars? They had a lot of big orbital satelites around the
: planet and a few miner-bases around the moon Deimos. The little Phobos had
: one of the larger military bases. But there was nothing like a shipyard or
: anything remotely interesting for an tired ship-engineer like him. The
: orbital satelites had been finished a long time ago, so qualified personal
: was abundant and he was not the type for fuzzing about posh interiours,
: fancy colourscheme's and other rich geo-sat playgardens.
: Most likely he was taken to another bigger transportship, and that ment going
: deepspace for months, maybe years. He was not happy.

"Ah, fuck them." Ralph thought to himself. He was not gonna let it get to him too much.

He kicked back in the chair and produced a small bottle from his left overall pocket. He unscrewed the cork and let the strong aroma from the bottle fill his nostrils. Even though he was used to it by now, he winced slightly at the strong smell.

"Mr. Cameron, I must remind you of UESC policy; no liquor of any kind allowed."

Ralph looked up at the spook. The disapproving look on Ralph's face made the spook look away.
Ralph took a mouthful of the liquid and held it in his mouth a few seconds before gulping it down. He surpressed the urge to cough as the strong liquid burned down his throat. He corked the bottle and put it back in his pocket.

He remembered the day he had told his dad he wanted to create his own destiny. Seemed almost laughable now, as he sat onboard a vessel to a location unknown to him. He could only guess what his next assignment would be, and he hated guessing games.
A phrase his mom had told him once popped into his head:

"Whatever you do, whatever your occupation, excel in everything you do"

His mom was a devoted Christian, and she had told him that the phrase was from the Bible. He wasn't very religious himself, but he had deep admiration for his mother's strong faith and he had lived by that phrase his whole life.
He took out the silver bolt from his pocket and caressed it gently in his big palm. Whatever they wanted him to do, he would excel, he would always live by his mother's words.

The starport shrunk behind them, until it was only a tiny dot surrounded by the void emptiness of space. And suddenly it was gone, too far away for the human eye to see, only surrounded by pitch black darkness, the vessel continued it's journey towards it's destinated coordinates. The bright green letters on the vessel's console spelled out the name of one of Mars' moons, "Deimos".

End of chapter one perhaps?

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